BabyBlue777 (now known as SoulOverSmile or SweetBabyKisses777) is an active member of the forums.

The HistoryEdit

She has been around the forums since the first version and has followed the others around ever since. Intially remembered as the girl who would always call out on the fake encounters on the now defunct Fangirl Encounters subforums, she is now known for not being known in the community or her love of Cobra Starship (as her profile demonstrates here) or being a bit of a jerk to others with her incessant cursing and brash behavior now and days.

Initially immature and forevering spouting memes in the first version of the forums, she has developed and matured over time in her own ways. Though brash and often bullheaded in her talking, she seems to be friendly to others she likes.

She was originally part of the Bull Squad when it was formed but left it after some issues in real life and decided that she liked being a regular memeber more than anything. Mostly seen around the General Boards these days but can be found in the Twilight Sucks! subforums

The MemberEdit

She is a big fan of Cobra Starship and whenever she enters the thread which asks what is their favorite music/lyrics/videos and etc, expect the pop-punk band to be her answer. She likes to write stories and read books, hoping to be a writer when she grows up. Likes to surf the internet and is an addict to Echo Bazaar and TvTropes.

Has mentioned a few times a Godbrother of hers in the forums and seems close to them. Lives somewhere in the Philippines and is from a large family.