Blonde Guardian Edit

The dark lord Blonde Guardian joined Twilight Sucks in July of 2008, and has been enjoying every moment there. She is a defender of true metal, featuring a smiling Varg Vikernes in her avatar, and the band Taake chastising Stephenie Meyer in her signature. In February of 2009, she became a global moderator, and quickly took to cleaning up the topics in the Twilight Characters section. But as of February 2011 Blonde Guardian is no longer a moderator.

On April Fool's Day, she made up a fake Fangirl Encounter which involves a clan of Cullenists attempting to burn her at the stake, THE POWER OF TRUE METAL, and a whole bunch of random references to South Park, James Bond, and Blind Guardian. Huzzah.

Random Facts:

  • Blonde Guardian actually has red hair at this moment in time. It was blonde at the time of her account's creation, however.
  • Nightwish is her official Rage Button. Mention being a Nightwish fan, and she will eat your goddamn babies.
  • She draws a lot of Nazis. Just because.

Blonde Guardian is no longer a member of tsdc due to her Nazism getting in the way of her ability to be mindful of others.