Little Bit About Me Edit

I'm a frequent member of TS Forums, you'll see me mostly in the RPU. I am the girlfriend of member Brandon Skyblade, and I enjoy talking about him lots. I like things like Power Rangers, mechs, animals, human/animal hybrids, among other things which I don't care to list right now.

About My Handles Edit

About my name, I created it using my real first name. The last name, Ravenquist, is a combination of Raven and quist. All the cool names end in "quist", right? *shot* This name, since I'm my own self insert in the RPU, is my pseudonym.

On Youtube, I go by the handle "MasterofFoxes727", Master of Foxes coming from my love of foxes...what else? The number 727 is one of my favorite numbers. I fancy myself a "master of foxes", in the sense that foxes are my friends, and my RPU OC, which happens to be myself, can morph into one as her main form.

Some other sites I go by "Dakota-John", or variations thereof. Dakota-John is an evil human/fox hybrid who used my in-story self as his pawn.