In order to cut down on the amount of Bullshit encounters in the Fangirl Encounters forum, the Bull Squad was formed. The members of the Bull Squad are led by Phoenixangelgal and there are currently thirteen members of the Bull Squad. The members are Fujiko, SkeksisGirl, Cobalt_Blue, Moxie Crimefighter, SweetBabyKisses777, Mmm SadsecksAtruca, Too Funk to Druck 8B, yinyang, Theory, DaMangaka, Amaterasu2314, meghanjh, and Mao-Key is IXA

How to become a member of the Bull Squad Edit

From (Bull Squad Applications thread) written by Phoenixangelgal

1. Active Members. I'm not really for members that can only come up once a month with the number of encounters we get

2. AT LEAST 300 POSTS. Sorry, I will not accept newbies that JUST signed in 10 minutes ago. The BS Squad can become possible canidates for the next Moderators of TS when the time comes, I do not want a troll to be included in that instead of a hardworking member

3. Cool Headed. We need people that can look at all the facts and clearly decide whether or not it's BS

4. Logical/HaveCommon Sense. When the story's spelling is so fucked up or seems ridiculous and out of order/random--you know this deserves a BS stamp

5. Read Between the Lines. Even a picture doesn't necessarily prove it after the incidents with DailyDreams and this one Twitard in the BS archives. You will probably have to do some diggging to make sure it isn't some random picture taken from photobucket or deviantart. I'm definitely considering fixing the rules when it comes to photos/screenshots/whatever

6. Isn't Afraid of Being Persistant. Ask away if you're skeptic and if they don't give a good answer or avoid it altogether, there might be a problem

7. Fair and Mature. If you and the OP of the encounter have butted heads in RP or Games--don't post Bullshit in revenge because of it. Unless the person has shown signs of being trollish and whatnot in other threads in other places--don't let personal business cloud your judgement

8. RESEARCH! If you feel something is wrong, look it up. If the person has shown suspicious behavior before (Ex: XxDailyDreamsxX), search his/her history. If the wounds don't match up to the OP's described weapon, google it. Yes, you might have to do some homework if you become a member.

9. Good History. We are definitely DENYING people who've given themselves a lot negative attention/unneccesary e-drama around the rest of the forums (Elphaba) or who have plenty of their stories end up as BS (DailyDreams). If the mods/admin don't like you, they certainly as hell don't want you running the site, so don't ask if you have a history of pissing off me or Zax

Some handy stuff relating to the Bull Squad Edit

How to Spot BS Encounters Edit

(Made by "Mmm ToS (Angel)", "dragonfire5000", "meghanjh", and "GoodApollo")

1. Very violent twitard reaction, unbelievable. (boys bashing her head in broad daylight).

2. The OP claims that it's very old, doesn't remember the encounter/convo very well.

3. When we call BS on them, they try to change it to make it seem more believable.

4. They don't know how to upload images on computer, often used as an excuse to why they haven't provided pictures.

5. Or, when we demand pics, they say: IT TTLY TWU, PWEEESE BELIEVE MEH!

6. They tell us that they don't have to give us any proof because they don't have any reasons to lie to internet people. "Why would I lie to you guys?"

7. They act bratty, superior and scream for attention.

8. Twitard's response is very canned.

9. Often a twitard would storm off (presumably because they ran out of imagination or they've used too many canned responses to make up their convo).

10. The encounter is devoid of all logic. (again, the boys bashing her head in broad daylight).

11. Obvious trolling.

12. Bawwwwwwwwwwwwing after many members call bullshit on them.

13. Throwing a hissy fit and getting defensive when others point out that what they did was wrong/unbelievable.and lastly:

14. Raegquitting.

15. OP tries too hard to sound badass and throws a fit when no one else sees him/her as such

16. The OP doesn't respond at all to requests for evidence.

17. (In most cases)Their first post is an encounter, sometimes accompanied by terrible spelling and grammar.

How to Avoid a Fangirl Attack (written by Colbalt_Blue) Edit

How to Avoid a Fangirl Attack by Colbalt_Blue

It may happen to you, or it may not but if you were encountered by a rabid fan, what would you do? Lately, I’ve noticed that too many people have been doing the unnecessary and are surprised with the reactions they get. To avoid the frustrating and the stupid, I have made this guide to help my fellow anti navigate through tricky fan situations

This is where a lot of people seem to fall short. You are never obligated to respond to a stranger, nor do you ever need to engage in the topic in the first place. No one is ever dragged into a conversation, you always have the option of walking away. Unless you are handcuffed, trapped in a room/car where there is no possible escape or object of distraction - you have a way out. There are also ways to end a conversation in a tactful and respectful manner.

If you ever encounter stranger who do this, do give them the benefit of the doubt. They may have been surprised and said this out of turn - this doesn’t necessarily mean they are uber crazy fan. For a mutual acquaintance or anyone close, the response is the same with a stranger. Smile, there is no reason to is no reason to be rude or hostile (although if the fan uses a hostile tone, you may be unable to resist feeling hostile). Then say, “It just wasn’t to my taste but I’m glad you seem to enjoy X.” After that, feel free to walk away or naturally change the subject to some other object in your immediate vicinity that has no relation to X.

You are under obligation to say anything to them or tolerate their negativity. If you are in a position to remove yourself, definitely do so. If you feel they are not leaving you alone in public place, such as the mall, you can get security or a store manager to tell the fan to back off.
If you feel you must address the fan yourself, take in a deep breath and steel yourself. Do not loom or make any movements toward the fan. Be defense, not offense. Show with your physique that you do not want to engage in a fight but that you will not back down. “I am sorry, but this is not up for discussion and there is no need to be rude. Will you please leave me/us be or change the subject.” Use a firm but polite tone. You are not a doormat and you are not a brute.

If you have been in customer service for a while, you probably already know how to gracefully avoid upsetting a customer. However, if you are new, you may not readily know what to say. “Well, I’ve heard many good things from fans, so I would recommend it if you feel it would be a good fit for you. It never hurts to try anyway!”
If the customer is asking in reference for a child or a young adult and you feel it may not be entirely appropriate, say so! “Well there are some themes within X that you may feel are not appropriate so I recommend you (the customer) take a look at it first.”

If it’s a friendly debate, you don’t have anything to worry about.
If it’s getting too heated and one or more party is getting too emotional, call a time out. Take a breather, get a level head. Nothing material is worth getting upset with a friend over. Once you both have time to cool off, you may be able to find some equal ground or be able to let the subject about X go, leaving it all to personal taste

We’re all about expressing opinions so why would you want to force your opinion on someone with a contrary one? There are situations where your opinion isn’t necessary, nor is it asked for or required. A previous fan girl encounter had an anti ranting at a fan who did nothing more than have X stickers on their notebook and the anti was surprised and poking fun at the fan’s upset reaction. That’s not fair. If you don’t like X, it doesn’t mean its your personal mission to recruit or put down a fan for being a fan.

A good rule of thumb for this is to remember that you are dealing with people who can be hurt and not everything needs to be remarked upon. You can’t always gauge how deeply someone feels about something and it is not your call to say how they should feel about X. Remember, Don’t make a fan suffer for just being a fan.

It would suck to be in any situation where a nut job is starting to read like they’re about to knife you over something so small as a chocolate mint. But there can and will be situations where you face the possibility of it getting violent. The best way is to stay in public place, if you are in one, and alert any form of security of what is going on to keep an eye out for the fan. Stay close to friends or family, do not face a fan alone (if it ever goes to court - Gods forbid - you want witnesses). If you are not in a public place, I highly advise going to one. Go out into the front of your yard, near an open classroom door, etc.
If it gets serious (creepy serious) always call the local authorities. “[Insert/Explain Situation].

Guide to Reporting an Encounter according to Blonde Guardian Edit

Guide to Reporting an Encounter according to Blonde Guardian

Severity: None

Fangirls' Crimes: Catty remarks, online threats, heated arguments

Injuries: None, save for hurt feelings

Evidence Required: None, though if it happened online, it'd be nice to see a screencap or a link to the conversation.

Severity: Mild

Fangirls' Crimes: Light property damage, harmless physical attack (ex. a scratch, hit with non-lethal object, a punch to a limb)

Injuries: Scratch marks, possible bruise, a damaged possession

Evidence Required: Picture of the mark if one is left. Picture of the damaged object, if applicable.

Severity: Medium

Fangirls' Crimes: Property damage to home or automobile, prolonged physical attack resulting in bleeding, use of fire

Injuries: Broken skin, numerous bruises, first-degree burn, the aforementioned damage to home or automobile

Evidence Required: Pictorial evidence of injuries. You might also need to explain your story to someone on the site who has medical or legal knowledge so they can confirm that what happened is possible.

Severity: High

Fangirls' Crimes: Assault with deadly weapon, attack resulting in hospitalization of either party, permanent and irreparable damage to home or automobile, attempted murder, etc.

Injuries: Include, but are not limited to; broken bone, unconsciousness due to injury, second-degree burn or greater, damage to internal organ

Evidence Required: Pictorial evidence of visible injuries. If possible, picture of the weapon involved. Any news report of the attack. If not a news report, evidence of any legal action being taken. Even then, your encounter will be under scrutiny, and will require confirmation from someone here with medical or legal knowledge before it is to be believed. Encounters such as these are not ones to be taken lightly.