DarkKhushi.... lolwut? Edit

Also known as DarkAngel836 on most sites or by her real name, Kelly Ann. Best known on TS for the chick who wrote an article about fangirl attacks and got

ignored ever so rudely by Stephenie Meyer and her halfwit brother.

An aspiring writer, artist and photographer, Khushi is a simple girl, born in Slower Lower Delaware. She enjoys horror movies, lulz, hugs, poking people, Stephen King books and prefers to eat the rude enjoys gourmet food. Her hero’s are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hannibal Lecter and Ghandi.

She has a web comic called the Crappy Comics of Doom, which no one cares about and no one ever will. You just lost The Game. Yeah, I know I did.


Do I dazzle you?

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Louise... <3

Random facts: Edit

- Cried over now dead pet rat Louise for 13 hours straight.
- Collects journals.
- Loves marionettes and other dolls.
- Is forever known as "trailer trash".
- Has a bad knee.
- Is allergic to cats.
- Can't swallow pills or certain foods.

Also known as: Edit

- Voltaire
- Mmm Pandas
- The Lone Troll (does not troll with other people.)
- The lol Bandit (No, she's not. Pay no attention to this nickname! Do NOT look up The lol Bandit on Urban Dictionary!)
- Megan's Bitch
- Britney's Bitch
- Monkey Girl's Tutor
- Boy George's Bitch
- Hippie Goth!
- Ghost Hunters Rabid Fan
- Probably the only person on Josh Gates' "Crazy Fan Shit List". (PM her on /ts/ to get the story)

Khushi, the upside down fang Zampire

Khushi was originally an RP character used on Gaia (lolwut?) back when DarkKhushi liked Gaia.

Khushi's dad is a vampire. Her mom, a zombie. Khushi is a "zampire" or sometimes called a "vombie" by kids at school. Unlike most zombies, her mom does not decompose. When her father fell in love with her mother, he bit her on the neck. At the time, she was a normal, braindead-like zombie only worried about food. Wher Khushi's father bit her mother, it stopped the decomp and gave her back her intelegence. She can now speek, think, read, write, drive a car, ect.WaldoWALDO IS NOT WELCOME HERE!

Khushi herself takes her looks from her father. She's pale, has both eyes, where as her mother is missing one, Khushi's skin is still there when her mother had lost some to decomp before she was bitten, and she looks more human than zombie.

Khushi can go out in sunlight, but she gets sunburn easily, so she wears loing sleved shirts and big rimmed sunhats. Khushi goes to a normal mortal school. She tried making normal mortal friends, but most of them find her repulsive. Her friends are the nerds and rejects of school. Including wannabe vampires, goths, nerds and anyone else who doesn't fit in.

Khushi has a pet baby cthulhu that sleeps in her bathtub. Khushi also has a pet Platypus that hides under her bed.

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These are the fangs of a deadly killer!

DarkKhushi wrote this article out of sheer boredom.