Before the war, the guy who is known as Dr. Stephen T. Colbert DFA was a normal guy with normal hopes and normal dreams, but for the case of this wiki we'll call him Stephen. He never knew what would happen when some crazy bitch named Stephenie Meyer became popular...


Near the end of the year 2007, Stephen's eyes were opened to the thousands of brainwashed teenaged girls. After he confirmed the date in his DeLorean, he understood that it wasn't the Beatles. Twilight had come to his land and it was making many people absolutely mental. Some of Stephen's closest friends were becoming batshit insane and he found that they were manically following a book saga fan fiction series called Twilight Buckaroo Banzai and the Pixies of Phail: The Stephenie Meyer Chronicles. At first, Stephen didn't think that it was a threat to his world and thought it would just be a short fad like breathing or chopsticks, both of which he never uses. It took most of his friends turning on him for so me really insane reasons like him not being Edward Sparkily Faggoty enough for a certain insane ex who caused it all. With some MacGuyver-like skills, Stephen really sliced his hand open, but that's not part of this story. You just lost The Game.

Twitards Bitch About Worthy Writers or Twitards BAWW!!! Edit

Around the time Stephen King trolled the Twitard fanbase by giving his expert opinion on their bitch queen's writing, Stephen found the grail, lost it, got stuck in New Jersey for six days, found it again, got mugged by the Spanish Inquistion (losing the grail in the process), got addicted to coke (Like a Boss!), went to rehab, and when he was nearing the end of his rehab stint he found the Twilight Sucks Forum. He took up the banner of the King of Trolling to explain his ambitions and to honor the King. To this day, he has trolled Twitards till they jizz in their pants the lulz ensue.
Faar01 colbert0710

This guy trolls until they jizz in their pants.