What's 'Fangirl Encounters'? Edit

Fangirl Encounters (at least in the days of Proboards - there's no easy measurement now) is by far the most frequented board on the forums. Here dwell the very scariest aspects of Twilight - fangirl retaliations against Antis have, at times, escalated to physical assault.

This section also harbors the most trolls. Perhaps toward the dawn of 2009, the policy was that people were being honest; since then, however, Fangirl Encounters has had such a wealth of entries that were highly implausible, should've been covered by the news if true, or both, that an entire forum was built to house the verified bullshit.

Polls kept cropping up, over whether users would, in fact, post pictures if they were attacked. An overwhelming majority said yes, and considering the track record for self-styled anonymous personas, the rest were probably just demonstrating unwarranted faith in their fellow Antis.

But the pivotal moment that changed this policy was a thread that stated an Anti got acid thrown in her face in science lab, and the Twilight fan who did it carried the smug unrepentance of a Manson girl. This one, unlike most things eventually classified as Bullshit Encounters, was quite well-detailed. However, the original poster was so unforthcoming with pictures, media reports, or any sign that this did in fact occur, that the policy of trust degenerated into chaos.

However: where there is picture documentation, news coverage or garden-variety, non-criminal freakouts (one memorable case challenged SherlockHolmes to a fencing duel), Fangirl Encounters flips over the stone of ignorance to reveal the kind of instability that, for instance, tramples over small children in order to get the first look at Robert Pattinson. Who, it cannot be said enough, detests Twilight.

The Shitcounter that started it all. Edit

Like the title suggest, it was this ONE encounter that made Mars go 'THE FUCK? THAT'S IT!' and PWN all Trolls thanks to this incident.
This will fuck your shit.

The 'weapon' of the shitcounter.

As mentioned, it was the time when some girl claimed a Twitard threw acid onto her friend's face and stabbed the fucker over NINE THOUSAND times with a random compass she got out of her ass. The bitch got jailed, but apparently didn't give shit that she'll become the new bitch in prison now. The apparent victim was now blind in one eye, but was going to survive.

When people demanded evidence, the OP got severly butthurt and made up shitty excuses about why they couldn't. Some high-horsed clowns without a clear view of reality came in and defended the OP; others didn't believe the bitch. People ranted, xcelest adhered to her standard of pissing people off, and it was FINALLY revealed that it was a lie. But not before Twitards got whiff of this, and showed it to their other friends as proof of what evil slander-mongers we all are.

Sadly, there's no link for the LULZ. Whether by the original poster or by one of the mods, the whole thing vanished into the ether. To put it in prissy delicate neutral terms, it was decided that this shouldn't stay on the site least the Fangirls will bring that shitstorm up in debates. But due to this shitcounter, many Trolls started coming in, putting up more and more lies. Unforuneatly, not all of the members were intelligent, and some actually fell for them STILL. Needless to say, something had to be done.


This is the thread's title Mars made in retaliation of the shitcounter was made. In the thread's contents, Mars states enough is enough, and it was time to get rid of all BULLSHIT fangirls enounters. She gave us the greatest weapon of all time: Not Zax, you retards. But the 'BULLSHIT' stamp, which shows to other viewers that the poster believes the encounter is crappier than Twilight itself. If the thread gets enough BULLSHIT, it will be moved.

Though some were worried that Trolls would use it to stamp ALL encounters as bullshit, Mars simply pointed out that they'll be easy to spot, since their posts will consist of nothing but bullshitting, and their ass will be banned. Satisfied with that answer, the Bullshit Detectors went out, and started to investigate with a sharp eye for bullshit. really didn't take that long, actually. Most of the fakes were bleeding obvious violations of physics and human behavior as we know them.


Many a tard fears this image. For good reason.

When the original threads was closed so we could move, twenty-one encounters were shifted to the BULLSHIT stamp. But there were proven over thirty-four accounts of bullshit, but posters were too Goddamn lazy to give the proper number of stamps to move them. That, or the Mods didn't notice.


Most memorable BULLSHIT Encounters Edit

The 'SHE RAN TOWARDS ME WITH A CHAINSAW!' thread. By some random troll no one cares about. This gained the fastest claim of 'BULLSHIT' in the history of forum. Same troll made another fake claim of getting pimp slapped by someone.Though if it actually happened, the person deserved it. Bitch got banned after Zax pointed out the IP of both was the same.

The 'Punched and Stomped on my Manhood Repeatedly'. By another lame-ass Troll. Most of Bullshitters were guys, who were pissed and pained that someone would actually use the most painful attack for such a lousy claim of attack.

The 'My friend has DIED because of this attack' by Michelle147, a Troll that just made us RAGE than LOL for good reasons. She claimed that her friend was beheaded by a Twitard, and just did nothing to prove it. After doing nothing but 'LULZ', pissing us off with her retardation, and reveal that she was actually a Troll to no one's surprise, she got her ass banned. She's most likely dead thanks to us Anon 4-Chan God's will.

The 'Shot ! oh shit' thread. By TvToss, a bloody douchebag genius now confirmed BAAAAAWing doucebag, who's an actual member of the /ts/ site. He made this under a fake account, claiming a friend of his was shot with a firework shitwhatever. He illegally kept back evidence from the police as proof, to just show us. And when it was proven to be fake, he deleted it. Finally he admitted to doing this, but for Bullshit reasons that didn't really clear things up because it was hard to make sense of the massive bricks. His Karma level dropped A LOT after his confession. Moral Fragging, I presume.

The 'I got Jumped by 10 - 15 fangirls' thread. By some stupid Troll that can't produce believable fake evidence. Tried to give pictures of the 'injuries' as evidence, but was PWNed badly after another retard who showed that all pictures came from different people. Bitch ran away after that.

The 'I suppose I deserve this...' thread. By a LULZY troll by the name of iamrichard, SPOILER: His name isn't really Richard!, who was trying to bring the members all out of the LULZY internet into a 'real movement' because he can, damn it! He claimed that a group of fangirls gave surprise buttsecks to his cousin. After some people claimed doubts, he threw a fit, there is no other way to describe his gibberish at that time; and claimed we were 'cowards' while he was 'brave'. And in the same thread where he insulted the others, tried 'unify' the /ts/ members all into a real movement, but it obviously failed since no one wanted to be in a personal fucking army. The immaturity on both sides remains, mostly on his side for starting it all, though. After that, he tried to get our forgiveness after claiming he was autistic and an emo, and only got a FALCON PUNCH instead. Deleted his account after that to avoid the, this IS brave.

Response to this page by most likely iamrichard himself... Edit

Has been BULEETED by SweetKisses/Me/Creator of the 'Most Memorable BULLSHIT Encounters', since it went on too long and was possibly made by iamrichard. Why do I think it's him? Because the person seemed overly-butthurt by what was said about the guy, and only concerned for him. If it was true person concerned, the person would have included TvToss since we did drive him out of the forums after he whined too much.

Don't worry, I screencapped the response here for a future blog in the wiki soon. Watch out for it!