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Previously known on the forum as The Typist, Michael. In previous roleplays, he was a Fallen Angel. At the new forum, he transformed into a neko, although we're still not sure if can be considered a good thing or not. Also has gotten into an e-war with a YouTube Twitard named moonlight(random numbers nobody really cares about).

He has several pawns/slaves characters in roleplays and they're constantly beating the crap outta him, that sadomasochist.

Roleplaying List (canon, I think) Edit

Yuki Sohma Edit

Yuki Sohma is the rat of the Sohma family, a family cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Zodiac. As the rat, he is considered special and supposedly recieves special treatment... if special treatment is getting locked in a dark room with painted-black walls and forced to live your life fearing some bitch who thinks she's better then you and just happens to be the "God" of the Zodiac... Also, you don't know she's a woman either. Anyway, because Yuki couldn't take it anymore, he moved to the house of his cousin, Shigure, and resided there. It is there he met Tohru Honda, the girl whose courage and kindness would inspire Yuki to move forward away from the cage the Sohma bond has chained him to. Yuki is regarded as the Prince in school and even has a rabid fan club with girls whose sanity levels are parellel to those of the Twihards who are in love with Edward Cullen, only Yuki actually has a personality. He's intelligent, strong, and charming, but he wants to get away from the Sohmas at any cost. Later on, he becomes student council president and falls in love with a girl in his staff named Machi. They are now within the forums, together again as Lauren managed to pick up Machi.

Nero Edit

The protagonist of Devil May Cry 4, not much is known about Nero other then the fact that he joined the Order of the Sword, a religious cult dedicated to worshipping the Dark Lord Sparda, and that he has a bond with Kyrie, the singer in the very first scene. But when beloved Devil Hunter Dante bursts in and kills the Order's leader, Sanctus, Nero has to fight Dante and begins to hunt him down, only to find that all Hell has broken loose and demons are running amuk, not to mention that the Order's secretly up to something diabolical, the reason Dante was aiming to stop them in the first place. Nero is a smartass punk who constantly belittles his enemies with taunts and attacks their strength. He wields a special sword, Red Queen, that can rev up like a motorcycle engine. He also has a revolver, Blue Rose, and his Devil Buster arm, which allows him to attack his enemies in all sorts of different ways. He also comes across Yamato and absorbs it as his own, allowing him to unlock his Devil Trigger. Even through all of this, his love for Kyrie is constant and, when she is kidnapped, he braves everything just to save her. But alas... Kyrie has not been seen in a long time and Nero waits on, hoping she survived.

Schrodinger Edit

A former Millenium operative, Schrodinger came to the forums after Yuki after realizing what he was created for. Once a bloodthirsty Nazi who relished off of the screams of dying victims, Schrodinger learned after hearing a conversation between the Major and his right-hand man, Dok, that the whole purpose of Schrodinger's existance was for his soul to be absorbed by Alucard in order to destroy them both and, with his ability to be everywhere and nowhere, he dissapeared from there to an island, where he practically became an OC from there on as his new existance was to try and live in peace due to the fact he knew he could not fight. It was on this island he met Rikku and Mila. Now Rikku was attracted to Schrodinger for his cuteness at first, due to his cat features, but as the two began to get closer to each other, they formed a bond between each other and, before he could stop himself, Schrodinger fell for Rikku. He now enjoys every moment he has with her on the forums.

Toboe Edit

One of the wolves drawn to the Flower Maiden's scent, Toboe is the runt of the pack seeking Paradise. He was once being raised by an old woman, but his overplayfulness caused him to accidentally suffocate her to death.Waldo The bracelets he always carries with him are a memento to that woman's existance. Not only is Toboe the runt, but he's the pup. He's usually the one dragging the pack behind and doesn't like to get into conflict often as he feels strongly for humans. But he has shown his strength against a giant walrus and, in no way, could he be considered weak then. He's the cute character many people come to love, but sadly he is the first wolf to die, shot down by Darcia trying to protect Quent. He has somehow been brought back to life and is now living within the forums with Michael and the others.

Tidus Edit

The former ace Blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes, Tidus was carried away from his hometown by Sin. Awakening in some ancient ruins, he is eventually found by a group of people known as the Al Bhed and learns from their commander, Rikku, that Zanarkand was actually destroyed a thousand years before their present time. Another attack by Sin has Tidus washed away to Besaid Island, where he is found by the island's Blitzball time, the Besaid Aurochs, and their coach, Wakka, who explains more on how Zanarkand was destroyed. The two return to the village of Besaid, where it is revealed that Sin is a being of great destruction that always threatens the land they reside within, Spira. The only one that could defeat Sin was the summoner, so, desperate to find a way to return to his homeland, Tidus decides to accompany the summoner, Yuna, on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. As the two travel together, however, Tidus starts falling in love with Yuna, promising her things that were most likely impossible. However, he later learns that Yuna has to die in order to defeat Sin, and is highly upset over this, so he decides to aid the Al Bhed and help them find a way to defeat Sin without Yuna dying. Tidus changes from a self-centered sports star to a selfless hero. His desire to save Yuna and Spira is high. In the end, however, he finds out he is nothing more then a dream of the fayth designed to help them find a way to destroy Sin once and for all. After they finally managed to accomplish it, Tidus ended up dissapearing. Following the events of Final Fantasy X-2, however, Tidus was formed into existance by the fayth and thus was reunited with Yuna. The two settled down together, but Tidus ended up in the forums after a Twitard assault on Besaid... and no one knows where Yuna is.

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