Fire Fox, is also known as, THE AWESOME. She's so awesome that she doesn't even need an info box like the rest of the squares on this wiki. Phfft, Fox is so hip and happinin'!

With a license in shoop-da-whooping, Fire Fox lieks to abuse her power by saying 'I'MA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!' followed by much lulz for who ever gets in the way. Used primarily on any Twitard in the vicinity, she will fire without warning, resulting in crunchy Twitards for all. Fire Fox is usually caught with a fox icon and is probably a Narutard. She likes anime such as Death Note and Naruto so she's a fucking ninja and a Death Note owner so watch your back. She'll write your name down and smite you with lightining like a GOD. She does not like yaoi though because it is primariliy focused on sex. (Kyu: LIES!) Yaoi creeps her out, seriously. WaldoDon't mention it to her face. Liek, EVAR. Same goes for Yuri. She loves Code Geass and hopes there will be a third season <3 PLEASE!?

On The Chatroom Edit

She is most likely on the chat room if you can't find her anywhere else. She goes under IsabellaFox. and likes to lurk.