A bored, quiet /ts/ member who lurks and posts when she feels like it because she's lame cool like that, Hobbes, formerly known as odied, joined TwilightSucks on March 18, 2009. That was three months ago. She still has just under 400 posts. What a loser.

Hobbes enjoys making tl;dr - in picture form! - of books she has read. She will never post these on the Internet, though, because her Paint!Shop skillz are the shit. The only picture shopped by her that doesn't require you to use brain bleach after seeing it is her TSdc siggy, which is made of win, according to at least /ts/ three members who have PMed her about it.

Origin of NameEdit

Hobbes is named Hobbes because of the comic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Hobbes luffs this comic soooooooooo much that she named her shih-tzu Hobbes. When she gets another shih-tzu, she will name it Calvin, although that would be kind of awkward, seeing as this new shih-tzu will be a girl. She hopes that Calvin and Hobbes will have lots of cute little shih-tzu puppies. Hobbes the dog is gay (srsly), though, so this ever happening is about as probable as Stephenie Meyer admitting that she's a troll.

Before /ts/Edit

Before TS, Hobbes was just a bored-out-of-her-mind high school freshman who spent her days reading the Harry Potter books over and over and over again spamming her Multiply with MySpace surveys and boring all her followers on Twitters to death with Tweets. Now, she still reads the Harry Potter books over and over and over again spends all her time on TwilightSucks. She spends so much time on /ts/ that her social life is practically non-existent. Her social life was already non-existent before she joined /ts/, but that totally doesn't matter.

Random Information That No One Wants to KnowEdit

Hobbes is addicted to lemon breath mints, the Sims 2, James Potter, and run-on sentences. She refuses to go to rehab for any of these addictions, especially the third one. She loves tall men with messy black hair, glasses, and a slightly too long nose too much.

She is a fantard of Harry Potter, House, Project Runway, Shark, Criminal Minds, and Sherlock Holmes. The detective, not the /ts/ member, although the member's pretty spiffy too.