A novice political analyist, tedious, long-winded hack writter, and possibly someone lacking all together in sanity, InLoveWithHistory is a 21 year-old rightwing nut--not of the religious variety--living on the fringes of society in an undisclosed city in the state of Arizona, USA. There, he spends his time working (just like any member of the working class) in a bookstore as a clerk. His favorite pastimes include composing cheesy yet heart-felt poems for his girlfriend Helena, writing conservative essays, and of course, defending liberty against the pro-collectivist Leftwing establishment in the USA and beyond from the comfort of his computer chair.

Other causes include student activism (right to carry on campus, combating environmental alarmism, aiding gay/lesbian equality before the law, volunteering and campaigning for political candidates and officials, hanging out at GOP county HQ, etc.)

Hobbies include surfing the internet, studying history <<<that was probably a given--hanging out with his girlfriend and friends, playing Resident Evil PS2 games with his girlfriend, watching his girlfriend slay zombies on PS2, listening to hard rock and 1940s big band music, engaging in politcal debate with total strangers on the street, posting on TS, reading TS threads, reading books on a number of subjects, listening to audiobooks, hiking, biking, jogging, and running.

'Favorite foods and general eating habits:

InLoveWithHistory admittedly eats a lot of dollar menu junk food, and happily supports such evil KKKoporations as Arbys and McDonalds and Wendys. However, he always takes his girlfriend somewhere more upscale when they go out. He also eats a lot of eggs and waffles, as well as canned soups. Canned cream of potato is a stable food for History, and he strongly suspects that this is due to genetic adaptation caused in part by his Irish ancestors. He also loves mint chocolate ice cream. For all the junk he puts into his body, History is not all the sort of overstuffed blimp one might to see flopping around campus. Rather, he is slender--perhaps more than is healthy, and this may very well be because of his fast metabolism, although his incompetence in the field of biology precludes him from ascertaining anything definite in this regard.

'Market transaction habits:'

Despite his love for Big Business, History prefers to shop at small businesses whenever practical, but can still be seen at Wal-Mart and Target just like any other free trader saps. In truth, he hates and abhors what is called "shopping" and avoids the malls at all costs. He also avoids, at all costs, all the snotty thirteen year-old girls known to frequent and congregate in said malls (he means no offense any non-snotty thirteen year-old girls reading this article, nor to sensible mall girls who have more than the mall on their brains.) As a rule of thumb, he purchases clothes twice a year, and prefers to shop only when his clothes become too small for him. He does, however, have a habit of buying too many books--which he's working on changing.

'Notable Weaknesses:'

History is notoriously poor at mathematics, and though he grasps the general rules of statistics and their uses for politics and economics, he laments that his mathematical diffiencies will likely make taking a statistics course a statistical impossibilty. Additionally, he lacks the sort of verbal precision that makes a post enjoyable, and is horribily long-winded, as evidenced by the ever-increasing length of the page of this bibliography.

Political Views:

'Favored political system:

Constitutional democratic-republic.

'Political Philosophy:'

American Fiscal Conservatism (Classical Liberalism)

'Political party affiliation: '

*gasp* Republican (but a very reluctant one.) Unfortunately, the problem with the Democratic Party is that it is not very democratic; the problem with the Republican Party is that its member have ceased to champion the Republic.

'View of third parties (applicable for the United States and not necessarily to other countries:) '

Weak, inefficient, and generally ineffective. By the time anyone has rallied together a sizeable group of supporters for a particular third party cause, the GOP and Democrats have already jousted and one has risen to prominence, hopelessly forever screwing over the thrid party. While third parties rarely harm Democrats, stubborn Libertarians can often ruin a Republican's chance of getting into office. This essentially amounts to inadvertently giving votes to the Democratic candidate when the Republican is typically the lesser of the two evils. Of course, it should always remembered that politicians are generally power-hungry dirtbags and liars in suits no matter what party they're in that respect it typically doesn't matter who you vote for these days. Your choice between who takes your liberrty versus someone who takes away yet more of your liberty.

'Favored economic system:'

*gasp* Austrian School Free Market Capitalism (not to be confused with laissez faire)

'US Foreign Policy Schools'

Realism, Realpolitik, US Sovereignty

'National Policy'

Limited government, States' Rights, localism, judicial restraint

Career Ambitions

History would like to graduate from one of Arizona's public universities with a BA in History, and possibly a minor of some sort. He would like to attend law school, then become a prosecutor who throws crooks behind bars where they cannot harm citizens. After throwing a good number of criminals in prison, he would like to enter politics at the local and state level. If unable to pass the rigors of law school, he hopes to become a Special Agent with the FBI. He aspires to be a US senator or US representative who will help expose government and corporate corruption, and aid in saving the American Republic.

Core Issues


  • National sovereignty for the United States and all other nations
  • No more US funding for the United Nations
  • US withdrawal from the UN
  • Limited US Government intervention in world affairs when US allies are threatened
  • Strengthening diplomatiic ties with allies while resisting international political pressures
  • The slow withdrawal of the US from Iraq
  • The establishment of at least four permenent military bases in Afghanistan
  • No more nation building on the part of the US
  • No world currency
  • No US subjection to any 'world court.' International disputes and gievences to be carried out between the nations themselves rather than being represented by an illustrious third party organization
  • Repeal of the START Treaty ratified by the Obama Congress (plus a few spineless Republicans)
  • No US ratification of UN Small Arms Treaty
  • Strengthen foreign relations with England's Conservative/Liberal Democrat government in particular. Strengthen foreign relations with Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea
  • Kill Cap and Tax Trade and all other Kyoto Protocal oriented plans to subject the US to cosmopolitan law.


  • Audit every single US Government agency, department, and sub entity to scan for waste and inefficiency. Make budget cuts wherever possible
  • Reduce the power of the PEA to its actual limited role
  • No US Government encouragement or discouragement of any forms of energy via taxes credits or tax increases. Energy competition and winners and losers to be decided by market transactions alone
  • Stop inflation of our dollar; no more government 'stimulus' money, no more bailouts of any kind
  • A US return to the gold standard, adapted for 21st century technology
  • Abolish the FED and return power of currency to the US Department of the Treasury
  • Secure the borders
  • An extremely limited guest worker program designed to attract only the most accomplished of foreigners who will add to the nation's economy
  • A five-year immigration freeze such as proposed by the UK Independence Party's Nigel Farage to be introduced in the US
  • Repeal No Child Left Behind and gradually abolish the US Department of Indoctrination Education; favor greater state and local control over all forms of education
  • Repeal the Social Security Act
  • Gradually abolish the US Social Security Administration and return monies to those who have paid in; substitue SSA for an administration which feeds, clothes, and shelters the truly poor and disabled
  • Gradually downsize the US Department of Urban Housing and Development; merge with new small national welfare administration welfare
  • Voluntary rather than mandantory participation for all union members
  • No "Card Check"; do not allow unions to bully the public into support their anti-business causes
  • Merge the Department of Homeland Security back into the Department of Justice
  • Repeal the unpatriotic Patriot Act
  • Repeal Obamacare; adherence to the 14th Amendment
  • Audit US military budget for waste and efficiency and make small cuts across the board where needed
  • Immediately cut all funding for NPR news

Connection to the vast rightwing conspiracy

History is part of the vast rightwing conspiracy.

Marked #48 on the Department of Homeland Security's rightwing extremist watchlist

History was estatic to discover he has made #48 on the FBI's list of the Department of Homeland Security's watched citizens in 2008. History has theorized that this very well have something to do with the fact that he would like to see the DHS become a nonexistent a government agency. Though he was crestfallen to discover that there were many others on this list, he was dissapointed that Micahel Savage ranked #2 on the list, with Senator Joesph McCarthy, RIP, coming in at first place.

Watched by FBI

Due to his pro-lilberty stance, some of History's antics have brought on the ire of Big Brother, and this has included being monitored and watched by a number of various leftwing, college-professor-run government agencies in the "alphabet soup," the most prominent of which is the FBI. History has been forced to relocate from place to place throughout his young life in search of relief from Big Brother's omnipresent cameras, but has thus far been unable to so.

A Kindred spirit in the FBI Deputy Director

Despite frequent run ins with Bureau agents, he gets along well with the Deputy Director of the Bureau John Smith. He met the deputy director while siting in a federal jail cell for stock piling weapons and reciting the 2nd Amendment to the arresting agents. When Smith saw History cheering for the New England Patriots, they struck up a conservation and have been friends ever since. He hopes that his football connection with Smith will get his foot in the door in the FBI's application process, as well as help minimize pesky agents breaking up his militia meetings in the meantime.

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'Notable TS members in History's opinion'


A frequent political opponent of History's and master illusionist IRL, History enjoys verbal jousting with Wolfgod for the sake of exercising his own mind. History also enjoys Wolfgod's insights into evolutionary pyschology and especially likes his anti-Twilight posts.


Due to her experience as a social scientist, Psycho provides an interesting background that sometimes helps TS members. History finds some of her posts to be especially insightful, albiet he does not always agree with conclusions while simultaneously recognizing her opinions.

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