Kyu doesn't contribute much to the forums other then showing up in the Game thread once in a blue moon or shouting out random- and stupid- stuff in TS's new Chatroom. She joined /ts/ sometime in the last few months after having Stormy shove the /ts/ URL in her face. She's known primarily known for being a super bitch and will tear you to shreds when she's PMS'ing and is constantly complains about everything. Kyu is a super duper emo girl but only Stormy knows it. A rabid yaoi fangirl, she spends most of her time (when she's not stalking Stormy) imagining Light from the famous (and fucking awesome) Death Note series doing things to L that would better be left unsaid. She's wrote this whole article herself because she's an egotistical son of a bitch because she doesn't want to be left out but knows that no one else would bother making one.

The Obsessions Edit

Kyu has many obsessions, ranging from mild to extreme. The obsession that remains constant is Death Note, which she likes for the psychological warfare between the two geniuses Yagami Light and L Lawliet. And the idea of rival-lovers gets her all hot and bothered under the collar. Other obsessions include Naruto, Warrior Cats; she has joined a variety of roleplay sites dedicated to these fandoms and always falls out. So then she has to go and pull a Houdini so no one can find her. Being a yaoi fangirl, her favorite pairing is LightxL because she likes to see Light humiliate the crap sugar out of L but she'll happily switch to LxLight if she feeling particularly cruel. She likes to pair Death Note characters that have no business being together; is also a super pervert. Not one for fluffy pairings, she adds angst and what not to most, if not all of Death Note pairings for her own sick amusement. A very disturbed individual, please don't approach her while she's off her leash. Kyu may act like an idiot but she's eat your face off if she wants.

Kyu also likes chocolate. Liek, a lot. She'd probably kill Mello in a fight over a silly little chocolate bar. That is a lie because Mello would shoot Kyu the moment she suggested that she'd take his chocolate. Kyu likes to act tough but really, she's too much of a coward to kill someone.

Roleplaying Edit

Kyu has yet to roleplay on /ts/. Kyu roleplayed as fail herself on Stormy's page in the "Ask ____" thread. Just once though. She has no original characters to speak of Amazingly, Kyu, with much help from Stormy, got off her ass and created not one, but two original characters. Still, she is skilled in playing canon characters; specifically L Lawliet. Since that character is already taken (Stormy: By someone who sucks at playing him)(Kyu: Second), Kyu has no choice but to assasisnate L's roleplayer come up with an original character even though she doesn't have an original bone in her body.