Lemmi joined /ts/ on December 2008. The exact day is unknown though. This wh0re for secks naughty shota and the evil slut dazzle bait better known as Mmm Cookies had teh sooperspeshulawesome idea of starting a cult and take over teh world. Controlling zombies, spawning cannibalistic butterflies and rabid bunnies ensued. Step one is complete so far.

  • Step 1: Recruit.
  • Step 2: Dazzle.
  • Step 3: ????
  • Step 4: PROFIT

His mom likes ABBA, she likes 'em for teh lulz. Lemmi is not amused. You just lost The Game {twice here}.

Teh Game Edit

He just lost it. Did you?.

Current SeckzEdit

He has a Srs Bsns crush on Nebu, who also wants to have puppies with likes Lemmi, but since life enjoys so much to fuck with Lemmi's dreams and likes to shot 'em in the dick you can't always have what you want, they are just BFF. He is in a three way pedo relationship with Loli and Cookies at the moment and has teh secks a very active wuv life with another 25645453 pedo young ladies on teh Spam thread.

Teh BDSM Edit



As much as normal people like to get gagged and whipped at daily basis, it's well known on the darkest and most filthy deeps of /ts/ aka: The ChitChat that Lemmi kinky shota has a serious addiction to BDSM and being whipped by random lolis.

What Vicodin is for Gregory House, BDSM is for Lemmi. He also enjoys edible panties NOMNOMNOM, leather and foreplay. His favorite safeword is Pudding.

Summer Camp Shit Edit

While the losers of the Spam thread pass their summer in front of computers watching porn and fapping Lemmi decided he wanted to do something productive with his life and went to some summer camp shit with his IRL friends. Spammers miss you as a drug addict miss his heroin Lemmi. Come back soon!