Lotte (You mean POTTY, amirite?) is...
Bitch slap!

Before Lotte left, everyone pretty much go to do this to her.




Lotte is just retarded, kay? Let's get this article a move on.

Who the hell is she?Edit

A reel picture...

Though she WAS ugly.

We're not even sure if it's a she, but she's whiny and fugly as one. So we're going to assume it's a she, for now at least. Lotte was nothing special, hence why she never had her own page till now. No one really knew the retard, since she wasn't the CRY MOAR retarded as BabyBlue777, or hawt as Nobody, or sarcastic as Zax, or whiny/bad retarded as TvToss, or controversial as Nyxbel Hawthorne.

There was nothing about her that made her stand out if the OVER NINE THOUSAND members /ts/ forums have at the moment.

That was until she discovered the Vent Station, and made an extermly LULZY/I.Q dropping rant about how Katy Perry 'can't sing worth shit', or whatever the hell that was supposed to mean, and how she should be an hero for molesting a spoon.
What we see...

What we see...

Yes, you read 'spoon'. That wasn't a fucking typo.
Why Katy Perry should be an hero...

What Lotte sees after Katy uses the spoon.

Lotte is now known for being a BAAAAAWing ragequitter who has the hatred for Katy Perry that's easily read as retarded, as it naturally is. She's also the first Anti-Twilighter to be compared to a Twitard, for her inability to accept others' opinions, and the need to make no fucking sense when she banged her head on the keyboard to reply to others.

For the tl;dr: Lotte made a vent, some people disagreed, she threw a bitch fit and some faggots joined her side, she got PWNED by

and left. For the longer version, and for more LULZ, please read on.

Katy Perry SUX!111!!! Fiasco Edit

Lotte's reaction

Lotte's face when she realized someone disagreed with her. Not pictured: Epic bitchfit/LULZ.


Intelligence? Whut intelligence?

Seeing that the one woman's weakness is not being able to stop talking for one damn second or make a good sammich for her pimp master, she decided to go to the Vent Station tobitch about the horrid! singer, even though '[Katy Perry] hasn't gotten much media attention lately'.

As a result, Lotte made a dumb, an eye-roll inducing first post about how much a Grammar Nazi she was when it came to song titles, and how Katy Perry was such an Attention Whore for kissing girls!11!!

Lotte was expecting people to kiss her ass for complaining over something really stupid, or maybe make a Meme in her honor! People did, like the retarded Anne Selka and a few others who were pretty much acting like Twitards with their 'OMG!1!! SHE SUX!11!!' posts, until some others came into the retarded fest, posted a reply and gave a....OMG!!111!!!! TEH UNTHINKABLE!!11!!!11!!


Needless to say, this offended Lotte to no butthurting end. Because NO ONE MUST LIKE THAT WHORE!11!!!1, and sent out her E-White Knights to defend her precious opinion, as she sat on her fat ass, listening to Miley Cyrus music.

Some of the people who were alright with Katy Perry simply tried to talk with the others, pointing out that Lotte has put this out on the INTERNET, meaning that NO ONE WAS GOING TO HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS, and that BAWWWWing about the whole different opinion thing wasn't very mature, so they should just roll over and die.

Katy Perry: A challenger to Nyx's 'Helen of Troy' title. DUN DUN DUUUN!

Though they did say that in a less crude fashion.


This is usually what happens when Lotte fights someone.

The White Knights, read: LOLtards, responded to the civilized words by simply plugging their ears and going 'LA LA!1!! UR JUST WRUNG!1 GTFO IF U DUNT LEEK ET, LUZERS!11! LA LA!11'. Rinse and repeat when the other side try to make conversation.

Realizing that this was simply pointless and dumb, the non-confrotational Katy Perry likers/alright with her...ers left the thread, wondering if they should pray that 2012 would really be the end of the world with people like that to grow up.

Needless to say, the Anti-Katy Perry people were all smug and 'told-you-so!'...until they realized Mmm Yaoi hasn't left.

Thinking that she could take him on, Lotte was the finest example of DOING IT WRONG when it came to fighting with Mmm Yaoi on Katy Perry, at least. It might be because she never did it herself, or she was too dumb. We suspect the latter, though. After having a losing fight with Mmm Yaoi, she BAAAAAAAAWWWW'ed and ran away, realizing that she wasn't as in


Derailed thread was derailed after that.

Leaving /ts/ forums FOREVAR!!11!!!!Edit

Needless to say, she got all butthurt when people didn't agree with her and made a thread whining about being butthurt and saying she was ragequitting. And also, she was trying to shame us for hating Twilight and the Twitards (why is the bitch a member then?), and being an over-all Moral Faggot with a really bruised ego.

tl;dr: BAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!11!!! I'M BUTTHURT!!11!!!111!!!

No one gave two shits about her stupidity and butthurtness, made a few fake sadfaces, and just laughed at her retardation when they were sure she was gone. Even if she wasn't, people were already making fun of her at the first post. Yes, and it was Yaoi who made fun of her first. Rubbing piss-covered salt in the wounds had never looked so fun then this thread.

She hasn't been seen since, but people are eager to see her return. Seeing that they want to PWN her as well with some old Memes. Let's hope the arrival of this little article will get her attention, hmmm? We all now for sure...

MOBY DICK BE BACK. And we put much empahsis on the word 'dick'. Moby Dick be gone again.

Delicious, LULZY Quotes! Edit

"Does this mean you're crying becuase /N/ bested you with old memes? If so,
*punches*Get over it."

-Fail, on getting over something by being FALCON PUNCHED in the Holy Triangle. Notice how Fail's Internet jumped to a fucking one hundred and eighteen after that post.

"Bawww, did N come after you? *insert pretend sadfaise*"

-Mmm Chocolate, on showing Lotte the general reaction of her whining.

"Oh, wow, she's not using gay in the meaning of homosexual, she's using it as a word that represents everything negative! Whoa, I feel less offended!

Wait, I'm going to write a song like this!

You're such a nigger, and you're not even black
No you're not even black
No you're not even black
No you're not even, black!

Silly people! I'm not racist! I don't mean "nigger" as in black. I mean nigger as in shitty or lame.See how I'm totally not racist?"

-Lotte, on failing in sarcasm, and not realizing that homophobia and racism is not the same fucking thing.

"Again, she's a cunt and I hope a bulldyke beats the fucking shit out of her."

Lotte, on herself.

"It's these kinds of topics that are the only reason I ever check the Member Updates. <_<
It reminds me of my mission to stomp out the weak."

-Blond Guardian, on stomping out people like Lotte.

"Who are you again? I've forgotten who you are.
Well, bye, have fun."

-Damasca, on being another general reaction to Lotte's whining..

"I hate her. She's arrogant and thinks she's the shit, when she can't sing to save her life and doesn't even write her own songs.
She's a kind of cheap american Lily Allen copy, they thought "ooh let's have a shocking brunette over here too" only it fails miserably."

-Anne Selka, on sounding like a Twitard, sounding like a Twitard, sounding like a Twitard~

"I hate heeer. I don't even know why people here, even girls, are falling for her. Gosh. Can't they just STOP it? She's nothing but a country slut who sings shit!!!"

-VampireChronicles, on sounding like a whining fat bitch over her weight, or, to be more percise, on sounding like Lotte

"She wears too much make-up.
And what's with the spoon?
I hate everything about her!

-Lotte, on her usual mood against Katy Perry. Read: Batshit insane.

"And yet your avatar is not insulting at all! It's an older meme that makes fun of the mentally handicapped."

-Jugiem, pointing out that Lotte's avatar shouldn't make fun of Lotte.

"No, I don't get it."

-Lotte, on admitting that she IS retarded. Finally!

"Ok, SweetBabyKisses's post has just proved she did not actually listen to a word I said. She's answering beside 3/4 things I said and for the others is just repeating herself. It makes so little sense I'm not going to bother answering since I have better things to do..."

-the fugly, friendless, and LOLcow Anne Selka, on being a hypocritical whore like Lotte. And on trying to look like a mature bitch by quitting the LULZY thread when she realizes that even BabyBlue found the whole thread hopless, and was the first one to act like the one with some sort of dignity. And she wonders why no one bothers to talk to her at times. LOL.

"I'm leaving the site because some people are being rude, ignorant and insulting."

-Lotte, on not being able to handle the big bad Internet, and on being a hypocritical whore when it comes to herself. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!11!!!

"I lulzed at the first thing. xD"

-Mmm Chocolate, on LULZING at Lotte's retardation.

"Now that Lotte's gone, I feel safe in saying that that's not what I meant."

-SGR, revealing that she didn't mean Twilight's easily avoidable as well when she likened N to a Twihard when he told us to not listen to Katy Perry and to stop talking about her if we don't like her. However, unlike Lotte, SGR didn't ragequit when N told her to "Cry moar". Just sayin'. <--- [Orginal writer of the article: Unfunny quote is unfunny, SGR.] [SGR: I didn't put that there. Some brat I know put it there.] [Original writer of the article: See through lie is see through.]