A crappy drawing MGG made in his free time when he didn't quite know how to use his tablet.

M.G.G., mostly known as MGG is a weird 16 year old reality warper who lives in the Roleplaying Universe and tends to divide by zero a great amount of times. He's random, loony, probably suffering from ADD, and sometimes just downright creepy. His roster used to consist of solely girls, which made him a really happy MGG indeed, until people told him he had to have at least one dude, so he started adding guys to the party. It's still two thirds girls, though. He is known for starting threads with titles such as "MGG's <insert random shenanigans here>" or "Looking for <insert random mythological creature Haruhi wants to find here>". He's mostly seen with his dæmon, who's still devoid of name.

MGG's DæmonEdit

MGG being the crazy being he is, his rational side had been neglected almost completely, until it made one last effort to free itself, creating MGG's dæmon in the process. The dæmon took the form of a panda, which is sort of MGG's animal signature (or anything signature), and seems to be in perpetual sarcasm mode. She's (yeah, it's a she) always straight to the point, and isn't very afraid of hurting anyone's feelings. Sometimes she can be kind of depressing, although she's like a mother to all of MGG's puppets.

The MGG HouseEdit

The MGG House is where MGG, his dæmon, and his puppets live (duh.). It's located somewhere in the "Ask ______!" forum, in which the Ask Threads have mutated to simply be random as hell. Supposing hell is random. The MGG House is of at least 3 stories and has a room for every single puppet, plus a guest room and three bathrooms. The sharing bathrooms things is for the lulz effect. It also has a ridiculously tall tower, for when MGG has the urge to kill himself. Behind the house there's a forest made of weird, and its extension changes depending on MGG's mood. Aside from uncountable incidents, it has had two unisex sleepovers so far.

MGG's Cosplay Café for Abandoned Roleplayers~Edit

In the middle of 2009, there used to be a few roleplayers who had really different time zones from the rest, so when this part of the world went to sleep, those were ready to roleplay. So, MGG had the random idea to open a cosplay café to keep them entertained. Anything can happen inside it. And when I say anything, I mean anything. The employees are most of MGG's girl puppets, with the exceptions of the newest additions and some who don't have so much popularity anyway. Once in a while, they put up a musical show. The first song to be sung was the original version of Candyman. So far, there have been lots of parodies going on. Rumors say that the MGG girls are planning to record a CD sooner or later.


Haruhi Suzumiya (Showgirl)

Luna Lovegood (Showgirl and Waitress)

Yuki Nagato (Cook, Pianist and Showgirl)

Akira Kogami (Waitress and Showgirl)

Tsuruya-san (Waitress and Showgirl)

Ryoko Asakura (Waitress)

Hermione Granger (Waitress. Was a Showgirl once. Didn't like it.)

Athena Asamiya (Waitress and Showgirl)

Midna (Bartender)

Raven (Waitress)

Kyou Fujibayashi (Waitress)

MGG's BrigadeEdit

MGG has a somewhat extensive roster, with varying times of use. Lately he has been using his lesser puppets more, though. Whether certain puppets will be dropped or not, it's up to some top secret details.

Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya)Edit

Probably MGG's most used and first puppet. Haruhi is an eccentric, energetic, somewhat bipolar, crazy girl who would do anything as long as she thinks it'll have an interesting result. She's not such a bitch on the inside, though. She's been known to start expeditions searching for anything mysterious or paranormal, the first being a simple (yet long) search for the known wizard Harry Potter. This is where she met Alex Rider, her "friend"/dog/big-brother-figure and Dark, her ex-boyfriend. Speaking of boyfriends, Haruhi has been the point of a love triangle for a long time now, Beast Boy, Dark and at times both being the objects of her affection. A decision is yet to be made, though it's been hinted that it'll come quite soon.

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)Edit

Also eccentric, but in much more calmer way is Miss Luna Lovegood, a young witch who just loves to freak people out while being entirely oblivious about it. She met Alex at a dinner with Edward Elric, where she was accidentally drugged, which is actually scarier than it sounds. She has remained good friends with Rider since then. She used to date Aang, but they sort of drifted apart, sadly. Lately, her passion for pudding has seemed to oddly die down, leading to a concentration in all things Gurdyroot. Possibly the only human alive who doesn't find Osaka weird in any way, and has something like a brother-sister relationship with Hatsuharu Sohma. Her best friend was one of the many Franks who once wandered through our lands. His whereabouts are unknown.


Konata Izumi-Strife (Lucky☆Star)===

Being a completely normal high school graduate, Konata didn't have much stardom in her early appearances. However, her quirky attitude and her various fandom references led her to be one of MGG's most loved puppets. Konata, Haruhi and Luna used to form the trio known as MGG's Angels for a period of time, until two of them found boyfriends, and yeah. Konata mostly plays dating sims and reads manga, without a care in the world. She married Cloud Strife in late October, and seemed to have a lot of fun in her Honeymoon, since she turned out to be pregnant when she came back. With twins. Now she's entering the last stage of pregnancy, and is a little bit sad that she can't do much in all the fun that's been going on around the MGG crew. She likes to bother people in her meantime, mostly Alex and recently Kyou.


Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya)===

Yuki is a Alienmade Humanoid Interface Created for Communication Purposes just call her an alien. She doesn't say much, but the little she says has a lot of meaning. She's usually seen reading while ignoring her surroundings, and she doesn't seem to really care about anyone except for a handful of people. Comparing with the Yuki that MGG claimed almost a year ago, Yuki has gone through some progress, possibly even developing a tiny veil of emotion. She seems to have an interest in Alex Rider, Yuki Sohma, Hatsuharu Sohma, Kyon and Frank the Mandragon. The nature of this interest is unknown, thanks to her perfect pocker face. Puh-puh-puh-poker face puh-puh-poker face!


Akira Kogami (Lucky☆Channel)===

Japanese Idol and annoying brat, Akira has been in the entertainment business since the age of two. She managed to get a TwilightSucks! Edition of Lucky Channel, but that ended up failing miserably, leaving her to find some cash in shows in the café and stuff. She's practically a diva, so MGG uses her to add lulz to contests by placing her as a judge or host. She has some weird rivalry with Athena Asamiya.


Tsuruya-san (Haruhi Suzumiya)===

At first glance, Tsuruya seems to be just a happy, energetic high school girl....and she is! (Or so we think...) While most people find her somewhat annoying, Tsuruya really cares about her friends, and can be a little delusional, claiming that Beast Boy is her actual little brother (otouto-chan). She has a verbal tic of saying stuff like "nyoro" and "megas" and adding extra "s"s to words. She regards Alex as her big brother, despite being a year or two older than him. She was given a necklace by Eric Draven, which she wears proudly. She's constantly looking for smoked cheese, for some reason.


Ryoko Asakura (Haruhi Suzumiya)===

Another alien and Yuki's back-up, Ryoko is almost always regarded as "that crazy chick who stabs people for fun". This is somewhat true, since she can be a really scary a little creepy when she doesn't understand the ways of "organic life forms", which mostly leads to dangerous stuff. She's always looking for new, interesting "data", and is willing to do anything to make it flow faster. It is left ambiguous whether she's truly evil, or just doesn't understand what she's doing.


Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)===

Like Luna, Hermione is a young witch from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, her way of thinking is far more logical and doesn't really believe in anything she hasn't read in a book before. She hasn't been really active since she was added, except for playing a somewhat major role in the Quest for Harry Potter. She and Alex understand each other's pain. In Peril of Being Dropped.


Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters)===

Seeing what had happened with Ryoko and Hermione, for example, when MGG added Athena, he decided to make her fit in more nicely into the crowd. She went with Haruhi and the rest of MGG's main crew to places such as the beach and to visit other puppeteers, so people knew her better. Twipocalypse was probably her serious debut, though it was left ambiguous how her part finished. Being a descendant of goddess Athena, Athena has psychic powers as well as fighting skills, which she uses to her advantage. She started dating Frank the Mandragon a long while ago, and they're still really in love. Athena is also an idol, and holds a tense relationship with Akira. She became Ryuuto Asamiya's older sister, and is rumored to be related in some way to Annabeth Chase.


Princess Zelda Hyrule (The Leyend of Zelda)===

Zelda first came to view when MGG was going through a Brawl addiction. Contrary to the games, she does talk. She's really wise and gets embarrassed easily. Frank the user seems to have a thing going on for her. She's mostly used to give out important information other puppets can't really understand.



Zelda has an alter-ego named Sheik, who is also a woman, contrary to popular belief. MGG uses Sheik when he's in desperate need of badass. Zelda or Sheik hasn't done pretty much anything relevant since her first appearance. They're both in Peril of Being Dropped.


Midna (The Leyend of Zelda)===

The Twilight Princess, Midna hates the fact that they named that horrid book the same as her beloved dark land. She likes to laugh at other people's misfortune, and is the official bartender at the café. Recently, she has become good friends with Konata, for some reason. In Peril of Being Dropped.


Raven (Teen Titans)===

At first, Raven was just another puppet. Then, with her snarky comments and cool sarcasm, she has gained more and more screentime. Raven passes most of her time rolling her eyes at stuff such as Beast Boy's crush on Haruhi, or Konata's pregnancy tantrums. She used to meditate a lot, but it's practically impossible to meditate at the MGG House, which has caused a decrease in her powers. Good friends with Hatsuharu. She recently learned her first song.


Hatsuharu "Haru" Sohma (Fruits Basket)===

Haru was MGG's first male puppet, and also has the ability to make people feel uncomfortable sometimes. He usually comments on Haruhi's doings and always keeps a straight face. Haru is openly bisexual, much like Haruhi, though he hasn't had a love interest of any kind yet, at least since he has been under MGG's power. He plans on having a threesome with Athena and Frank the Mandragon at some point, though. He acts as an aloof older brother to other MGG puppets. Not a really good replacement of responsible Alex Rider. Also, he turns into a cow when hugged or when dealing with lots of stress. Srsly.


Black Haru====

Haru also has an alter-ego. However, it's more of a split personality called Black Haru. Black Haru is the yin to White Haru's yang, being an aggressive, violent and abusive part of his personality. He comes out at random times when Haru is either insulted or put into pain by another person. Known methods to bring him back to normal are splashing him with water, or punching him hard. Sometimes even these don't work, though.


Death the Kid (Soul Eater)===

Being the control freak shinigami he is, Kid isn't excepted from the quirky factor that links all of MGG's puppets. He's friends with Maka Albarn and had a crush on Ryoko when he first appeared, though that died down because roster incest is boooring. MGG hasn't decided yet if he should also roleplay his guns, Liz and Patty. Time, and Kid's performance, will tell. He hasn't been too active, but he was inserted into the Umineko RP to see if he has a future with the MGG crew or not. When in the MGG House, he mostly hangs out with Coraline and Haru.


Coraline Jones (Coraline)===

A self-proclaimed explorer, Coraline met the MGG crew when they were wandering around world's end looking for Tsuruya's soul. It hasn't been long since her adventure in the Otherworld, so she still has some consequent quirks, such as not tolerating buttons and having a hard time trusting people (or things). She has found a liking to the Cheshire Cat, for some reason. With Chiaki gone, she's the youngest in MGG's roster. She hasn't been as active as other puppets, but MGG likes her too much to let her go, and is trying to use her more often.


Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)===

The amazing chocolatier, Wonka spends most of his time just being weird. Last time he was important was in the Valentine's event, when he helped the MGG girls make their chocolate. He emerged in a Candyland RP, though. Go figure. MGG is waiting for the Willy Wonka RP to start for him to be used. His performance in there will be what decides whether he stays or not.


Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)===

An ice mage of the northern countries of the Fairy Tail stuffed-up universe, Gray could actually be one of MGG's most normal puppets...if he didn't have that weird habit of stripping down to his boxers unconsciously. He's usually something like the voice of reason for MGG's other puppets, although he can be really crazy himself. Recently, Cirno claimed him as her brother, and he accepted this relationship, first unwillingly. Had something like unresolved sexual tension with Rydia, but that was left unclear.


Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD)===

Tomoya is just an ordinary high school boy with a bad mouth. "A bad mouth", meaning "the ability of always saying what he thinks without caring about consequences". This tends to take some calm puppets by surprise, such as Luna. He's mostly the default tsukkomi for Haruhi when puppets from other rosters aren't around. Although he had something like a romance with Kyou in canon, they decided to stay as friends when they arrived at MGG's. He's also a bishonen, though people don't tend to realize this. Not even him.


Kyou Fujibayashi (CLANNAD)===

Also normal, and also badmouthed, Kyou has been Tomoya's friend since their second year at high school. She tends to be playful, but doesn't hesitate to throw thick dictionaries at people. Actually, she once destroyed the MGG House because of this. She got MGG into zettai ryouiki (those long socks). The textbook definition for "tsundere", Kyou is easily angered. MGG is also trying to use her more often. She has a pet baby boar named Botan.


Itsuki Koizumi (Haruhi Suzumiya)===

A normal (although bishonen to the core) high school student. Really an esper. Koizumi was added to the MGG roster for the lulz, since he was the only SOS Brigade member left. However, he gained screen-time when it was revealed (as if nobody already knew) that he had a huge crush on Kyon. This went on subtly for a while, until he finally confessed, leading to a rather loving relationship between the two. It's crucial that Haruhi doesn't know a thing about it until she gets a boyfriend herself, though, so their intimate time together is kind of limited. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't really gay, but Kyon-sexual, apparently.


Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue)===

A vampire, and the current head of the Alucard family, Rachel doesn't seem to care much about people. She's usually bored, being victim of a time loop only she knows about. Due to her coldhearted nature, it's really difficult to really offend her, though she won't hesitate to offend others. She has a fascination with tea, mostly black, and is in the process of looking for a maid or butler to service her, since she doesn't find her companion's tea brewing skills nice in absolute. She has a tense relationship, maybe rivalry, with Lita's witch puppets, and so far she hasn't had a love interest outside of canon.



One of Rachel's familiars. He's a cat who can transform into anything his mistress decides. He's as stuck-up as Rachel.



Rachel's other familiar, who is a chubby red bat. He's the nicest out of the three, and is really abused by Rachel in many violent ways. His personality is sort of like a baby's.


Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue)===

A doctor who came from a place known as Oriental Town, Litchi has become sort of a second mother figure to most MGG puppets. She's apparently not afraid of wearing revealing outfits, often being described as walking fanservice. She has sort of a neutral relationship with Ragna, for unknown reasons, and is old friends with Tager. So far she hasn't been really active, so she was also inserted into the Umineko RP, so she can be saved from Danger of Being Dropped status.


The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)===

A creepy smiling cat who has the ability to float and vaporize into nothingness. He's one of MGG's two newest additions, and the first proper non-human to stand on his own as a puppet. He usually meddles in what doesn't concern him, and uses phrases, words and questions that most people find to have no sense. He's quite mischievous, but not really evil.


Mirana, The White Queen (Alice in Wonderland)===

MGG's love for Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton and Anne Hathaway made him claim her just as he saw the movie a day after its release. Even though he concentrates on the movie version, he tries to add as many book elements as he can. Mirana is arguably even loonier than Luna herself. She's always overly dramatic, in both her movements and her way of talking and acting. She hasn't had much contact with other puppets, but she will soon.

== MGG Unisex Sleepovers==

Chaos......CHAOS! MGG's puppets like to throw unisex sleepovers every once in a while. The unisex part makes it more fun, they say. So far there's been three, although the second doesn't really count. The first concentrated on the first MGG film, and Dark and Beast Boy's eternal rivalry, mostly. The second one was gender-flipped, but didn't have much future, and was deeply disturbing and kinda boring. The third one is going on now.

== YUKI.N>[code=access_veil:"@n0†H€® w0®L∂"]==