Awesomesauce's true identity

Yet another member in the sea of /ts/ers, he is a drone of the Mmm Army. He is the sechs monkey of the group, and is roumored to be in a relationship with Mmm Apples. The truth of this rumor cannot be verified. He vainly considers to be crazy, and very good friends with Mmm Apples, Mmm Buttcake and JustNobody.

On July 16, 2009, he changed his name from Moondancer176 or some shit into Mmm Awesomesauce.

As of now, his username is AwesomesauceSoup he has matured considerably compared from his time earlier. He's also a guy now.

The True Ingredients of Awesomesauce Edit

Once during a wild party at the Spam Thread, he had revealed the true ingredients of authentic Awesomesauce. This had the potential to become a world-wide phenomenon, but unfortuantly the details were lost in the sea of pazges. A team of dedicated researchers are currently out to find the lost page and release the information to the public. Sadly, since the Spam Thread was deleted the ingredients were lost forever. The world may now never know.