Nebu (Or Nebbles as Lemmi calls her) was originally the first person to get over 5000 posts. sadly, she does not hold the title for most posts anymore, since it has been taken away from her by N, followed by Mmm Cookies, pushing her to third. Damn spam-whores, stealing her spot like that. You just lost The Game {ten times here}.

Nebu loves being a mod an Administrator and is generally awesome, and yes, she told me to say that. But it's only the truth.

Nebu is irl best buddies with Too Funk to Druck, who showed her /ts/. She and Lemmi have a desire to make puppies with each other an infatuation with each other that is totally consensual I swear!


This is all Nebu does, seriously. She enjoys playing Pokemon non-stop and brags about her awesome team.

She is excited for Heart Gold and Soul Silver despite the lame ass names. Srsly, Captain Planet anyone? :c

Let's sing the theme song, guize.


(bum bum bum!)

Nebu has constant battles with Lemmi for the fate of the world because they're both wh0res cool like that. She would happily go all Misery on Steven Stone and Riley who everyone in the pokemanz thread decided to kill like in Julius Caesar which totally sucked, especially that stupid movie with Marlon Brando. Nebu decided that it wasn't in her best interest to kill Riley like that because she has to spoil Lemmi's fun always because he's too dazzling to die. She would totally have freaky secks with Roark thinks that Roark is the coolest gym leader ever though we know that's not true 'cause Giovanni and Flannery are. She loves Drifloon and would totally tie them together to fly aimlessly through the atmosphere, before freezing in the sub-zero temperatures and dooming the Drifloon to carry around a too old to play pokemanz totally super-speshultastic person around for eternity or until a jet flies by and shreds them all in one fell swoop, like what happened in the Incredibles. She was a total big fat meanie head jerk and beat Lemmi's Froslass on the night of May 24 with her Gastrodon barely by a fucking move. Froslass could've totally Destiny Bonded her Gastrodon's sorry ass if she had the time. But nooo.


It's moe history with boy love. What's better than that?

Nebu likes Canada a lot and would so invade his vital regions give him a big hug. She also has a desire to become one with Russia as well.

(Nebu is also a member of Grammar Police. She'll stick a rifle up your ass if you use improper grammar around her. Be warned.) Though some sick and depraved people are into that so instead of a rifle she uses a +1 mace with the Helm of Disintegration and a cape that adds her stamina +70.