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Nobody the Hipster Edit


Nobody doing some emo shit or something.


Nobody (now a faggot with only one letter as his name) is to /ts/ as what Joe the Plumber is to the Republican Party. (Announcement: /ts/ congratulates Joe the Plumber for his audacity on leaving the Republican Party) Nobody has been the most frequent member posting on /ts/, considering that his account was activated in a mere three months ago. When asked how he accumulated so many posts in the span of a few weeks, he claimed that he had practice being a troll.

With memorable internet memes that made the traditional n00b wet themselves of joy, he has been given a popular epic status among the members due to his quick wit and charismatic trolling. He is a Nazi supporter for the lulz.

Hailing from the UK, he came busting in with crumpets and tea. Though, it's obvious he wanted Americans to remember that his people owned us first, before we pwned them, but he doesn't seem to care much about it.

Beside from trolling the boards and talking about random shit, while posting in every sub-board under the span of fourty-two seconds, he sometimes contributes to serious issues, but no one cares about that. You just lost The Game.

Yogurt Tiem Nao? Edit

Nobody was one of the first soldiers up to defend in the name of lulz during the infamous (and rather butthurt) Yogurt Revenge thread, laughing alongside fellow lulz members and telling the moralfags to GTFO. He contributed to what has now become a legendary thread as the war between members raged on until acting mod, Blonde Guardian, closed it up so it can remain more lulzworthy and less retarded. He also played witness to Wraithsoldier's epic fail in his Nyx-bashing thread, where lulz insued when she unveiled that Wraithshit was a bloody hypocrite and a fail in trolling.

_body Agenda Edit

Because Nobody's screenname was so uber popular, many other members decided to shed their once unique names and copy his take as well, causing mass confusion for those who have been off of /ts/ for a while. The massive shitstorm that was the _body agenda caused many to scratch their heads and wonder if Nobody now had his own personal army, or that it's a mere passing fad.

Current names of fellow Nobody army:

  1. IV
  2. V
  3. VI
  4. VII

Nobody Unmasked Edit


The L pose that caused fangirls to piss themselves.

Nobody finally unveiled himself after finally being told to 'DO IT FAGGOT' by Mmm Chocolate. Bound by his troll rules, he had to do it since it's the male equivalent of "tits or GTFO". The thread was then demoralized with heavy spam, members covering their eyes in horror and retarded roleplaying of slashing proportions. All in all, it was an effective win. Fangirls squealed and wet themselves from his bishie-like beauty and his buddies wished that he hadn't uncloaked the mystic of his anonymous persona. Nyx was almost certain at the time that he was Batman. This has now been debunked. Because of his unveiling of epic proportions, he has now acquired an excessive amount of fangirls and n00bs nipping at his trolling heels, praising critical acclaim for his massive popularity and his breakthrough as a Delicious Cake rank through all of the spam massive posting. You are what you eat, I always say.

Naming of /ts/ Edit

Nobody was in actuality, the guy who went through 48 hours of intense laboring to birth out this mutherfucker of a renaming for the forums. He had dubbed it /ts/ in a thumbs up to /b/tards from 4chan, due to the massive trolling that insued in said epic Yogurt thread.

Origins of this occured due to the previous mentioned former member, Wraithsoldier, who despised the idea that the Twilight Sucks forum was going down the proverbial shithole after members refused to relent from causing him butthurt due to his Nyx-bashing thread. Nobody retaliated, jokingly renaming the forums as the epic, /ts/, knowing that it would piss him off royally. Nevertheless, the Circle of Lulz continued and the name was soon adopted by Knights of the Troll Table and it became a semi-unofficial name for the forums. We pray that 4chan doesn't find out.