Nyxbel Hawthorne was an Anti part of a cult sect of trolls designed to troll the fuck out of Twilight. She reached legendary troll status, however, when the Yogurt Revenge scenario occurred and caused a range of butthurt and lulz throughout the forums. It nearly caused a fizzure between the masses in the humble concept of goatse.

Where It All StartedEdit

Nyxbel joined Twilight Sucks back in the good ol' days where there was proboard lulz and twitard crying to be had, posting several encounters in the Fangirl Encounters section like so many other butthurt Antis. None of that shit matters now and was unimportant compared to getting shanked and exploded to however.

She virtually did no other shit than posting daily to rack up her post count and was increasingly obsessed with karma points. These were the good ol' days of Twilight Sucks 1.0 as a lot of people seemed to do that these days. She rarely made any good contribution to the forums until she met a young and dubious troll named N, formerly Nobody.

Meeting NEdit

The most notorious meeting on record occurred when Nobody made a subtle negative comment on Anne Rice's vampire series. Nyx, being a responsible member back then than the damn troll she is now, called on his bullshit for being butthurt about his brash nature. They butt heads over a few posts but ended up finding a common ground in picking fun at n00bs and fellow rabid Twitards and a friendship of trolling proportions and a rivalry of reaching post counts over the other began.

Little did they realize that they would soon ascend the forum ranks from two trolling morons to legendary morons along with the elite of the 1.0 forums.

Yogurt Revenge: the BeginningEdit

During a relatively normal day in the forums, Nyx opened up the Fangirls Encounters sub-board in an intense raeg, relaying to a disgusted masses the stunt her twitard cousin pulled on her by dropping a good loogy into her unattended yogurt upon finding out the Twilight Sucks forum parading on Nyx's laptop. Many gags were had as she described the event and the force of the Six Trolling Horsemen commensed.

She then spammed the boards with a desire of revenge that would make V proud, causing the true colors of Antis to show.

They were all mischievious bastards.

From simple childish shit to some that would get someone IRL banned for life, Nyx was either confused at the uprising or was too damn lazy to choose, so she bumped up a thread with a poll filled of her personal favorite revenges and have the Antis a psuedo-interactive game to decide her cousin's fate.

Kat's revenge won by one vote and members waited for the end result. Days were spent with their thumbs in their asses waiting for a response thread and many assumed that Nyx fell short on her deal like a pussy. To this day, many wished she had.

Yogurt RevengeEdit

She returned, having to explain her absence by stating that she had done the deed and provided a rather gruesome description of the event. Not only did she ruin her cousin's Twilight book as per Kat's winning revenge tactic, she also gained the leverage of turning the family against her cousin by making her look like a fucking obsessed, Satanic spawn of an obssessed fan. It was enough for her to be sent to the loony bin as a reward. A sheer mind-fucked plan indeed.

Lulz were to be had and trolls rejoiced as pics were sent in a week later (which prompted enough suspicion for butthurt, Shirlock Holmes-wannabe faggots to claim that she staged the whole thing, which is up for debate) and the thread became a hit on the sub-board.

And then moralfags had to fuck things up....again.

Nyxbel of TroyEdit

As physics (or some shit like that) provided, for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

And so the moralfaggotry was born.

While fun for the whole family, the prank in question caused a lot of worried members to question the morality of the decision while some turned militant into sure hate for Nyx, prompting an in-thread flame war between the two factions. The moralfags and the members who didn't give a shit about it. It would have been a logical thing to debate about if it wasn't so damn retarded on the moralfags' side views.

Some few skeptics called out on Nyxbel's thread due to the pictures of the event in question being relayed a week after the fiasco, though Nyx claimed that she lacked a USB cable for said camera. Valthek---valtek...or some shit name like that, headed the moralfaggotry faction, trying to find holes in Nyx's story to call on her bullshit only to get struck down by her equally intense rebuttals to his claim. Like a butthurt faggot, he continued his attacks on her which from the posts she replied to, was enjoying the abuse like the sadomaschist she was. N headed the in-thread court martial as the judge, which was short-lived due to Valthek bitching of his weak defense and deciding to just bash Nyx altogether in future threads relating to the incident.

The line soon began to gray and members started to take sides in the argument as they quarrelled over whether Nyx went too far with her revenge. Mods were notified and many wondered how a simple prank turned into an all out flame war. Trolls and friends of Nyx defended her valiantly against the moralfags, tried to appeal to the members who were on the fence and Nyx was forced to elaborate more on her home life to justify her horrible deed, including her masochistic tendencies being born from her equally masochistic family who were known for being sick fucks when it came to pranking. (Nyx noted that her fear of oceans stemmed from being thrown from a boat in the middle of the ocean by a family member to learn how to swim when she was a child.)

tl;dr : Asian families are fucking insane.

The flame war slowly subsided, the Blonde Guardian closed the mod to keep the lulz in and the faggotry out, bridges were slowly being rebuilt, but the moralfaggotry hadn't.

The Wolves, Throw Her!Edit

Wraithsoldier5 soon started a thread stating his hate of Nyx's prank and started an agenda into luring members to his side in order to 'save' the purity of the Antis. Note the irony in purity. He brought out a poll asking people whether they should ban her IRL when imaginary Faux news reporters started hammering on their doors or leave her to her own devices. The result was staggeringly in her favor.

N soon informed Nyx of this thread and discovered it was written by the OP in question. She soon raged, not because of the thread, but because the little two-faced fucker was kissing her ass in PM's while kicking it on the public forum. She released the PM he sent to her applauding her work onto the thread much to the shock of the forum, claiming his hypocrite nature and informing him not to PM her again as she would not associate with double-crossing fags.

He humorously tried to back-pedal, claiming that he was trolling for the lulz, but even the wannabe trolls could smell bullshit all the way to China. Asspatting occurred to appeal to the already disgusted members and he soon left the forums all butthurt because people started spamming the thread for the lulz, showing his two-faced persona on the front page constantly. And nothing of value was lost.

The AftermathEdit

To this day, people still regard the legendary Yogurt Revenge thread with wistfulness of the once lulzy board which is no longer available due to the immense moving from 1.0 to 3.0, which bothered enough of the elite to no longer transition along with it, some of which included N and others. A sad loss for trolling mankind. Of course, it's theorized that they might have a life apart from hating on a shitty book series which explains a lot. Others look upon the event with continual distaste. Your mileage may vary.

Believe it or not, if it wasn't for the members participating in choosing Kat's revenge, the thread in question wouldn't have existed, ergo they are at much at fault as Nyx was in achieving the prank. And then they bitch about it later. Epic facepalm for the sheer dumbassery, please.

After, AftermathEdit

Nyxbel was around when 1.0 closed and joined the short lived 2.0 until it made it's home as a 3.0, but she hadn't transitioned into it and disappeared from the forums for what seems to be for good. One theorizes that if Nyxbel would return, the Gates of Trolling Hell would open once again. Let's hope it would bring N back...

/ts/ FamilyEdit

According to the Chatango logs during the insurge of 2.0 moving, Nyx had shacked up a les yay marriage with the Creator, Mars herself and Sister Grimm. Heavy sexing has been implied and if they are hot, Rule 34 is a must have, plz. Wanting to join even more flame wars IRL, their unholy union had spawned a test tube baby named Salanti. Last mention seems to imply that Nyxbel has gone AWOL on her marriage and is six months behind in child support. Typical troll.