Pyrovuster is a member of the TS forums. He's the gullible man of the crowd, as well as Ts's own spiderman (don't try to dwelve into that). He watching a "Let's play" on Pikmin 2 Super Mario Sunshine Sonic and the Black knight Banjo Tooie Pokemon Gold Banjo-Kazooie Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga right now.

Also, he's a pyromaniac...really

Pyrovuster started off by going to the Fangirl ecounters section of Ts, after being filled with a sense of justice against the twitards. He can't really remember his beegening, but he has spread his knowledge by going to other sections on the forums. He then stumbled upon the Roleplaying section, and it all went from there

He likes the Werehog, Skids and Mudlflap, All the recent Marvel and DC movies, TF: Revenge of the fallen and all recent sonic games.

He also likes bionicles, but that isn't relevant

He's grown the habit of nicknaming everyone to a shorter version of their name, such as calling Rinoa Heartily by just Rin, Awesome sauce by just Sauce, Bunnies by just buns and so on.

Recently. He's reached an evolution phase which has the side effect of turning him into a Werehog. As the post count rose. He then became a stunky, by the 1990 posts he became a Dragon, after the that the mutations became more common as he went from normal dragon, to fire dragon, to phoenix, to slugma to lava, to a lava egg.

His E-volution then was going steady, but the egg cracked which caused a supernova in the TS universe. Pyro tried to hold it in but in the end he cause an explosion of spatial amounts.

However, he was able to reach 2001 posts and became Solarvuster

HE then reached 4001 and became Novavuster

He reached 6001 post and Became Magnavuster

Unfortunately, most of his post were in a thread that got erased, so his post count dropped down dramatically (even though he probably has regained all those posts by now)

He's hungry now....

Roleplaying Edit

Pyro mostly goes around the RP thread. He's been able to take control of this characters so far

Frank The Man-dragon (OC) Edit

Created first in the Twypocalipse thread. Frank became one of the most prominent characters of twypocalipse as well as one of the most affected. He was experiment #13375 of the Twilight Science labs where they experimented with normal people to see if they could make them into Meyerpires. When his turn came though, a lightning struck the tower and the gene modificator went AWOL, which in turn gave Frank dragon-DNA.

In the first twypocalipse he had to deal with his dragon-gene taking over his body. As the genes progressed, he started to lose his sense of well-judgement. Eventually, he reached the last phase where he became a full dragon and went all crazy, destroying half on New York in the process. He had to be shot to uncosciousness where he turned back to just Frank. The transformation had a side effect, however, as it developed an inner conscioence withing Frank's mind. That conscience is calle "The Dragon"

Durin the big change, Frank lost sight of his teammate. Seeing the Rebellion was under the lead of different users, Frank decided to retire and living in the wild.

He then started hanging out with the user, where he found the God-gene and saw it being tested on Vuster. Once the user grew mad with power, Frank rebelled and took the rest of the gened to inject it on himself. he then became Eternal Dragon Frank and got into the fight between Devil Sorceress Rinoa and Godvuster, but eventually Vuster drained his powers and he was brought to normal

Vuster The Pyro (OC) Edit

Solarvuster's second character. First appeared in the Bar Rp. In it he met Rinoa Heartily. After some conversation and akward silence, Vuster grew the guts to ask Rinoa on a date and she accepted. During their first date, Vuster and Rinoa got to know of each other more and in their second one, they finally kissed. They've been together since then. However, in a attack from twitards, Vuster sacrificed himself for the sake to protect her.

He wasn't gone however, as he was simply "Separated". Rinoa went on a quest to find his ashes, his soul, and his heart. After much platforming-puzzle-esque searching, she managed to get him back and they were together again. Not all was good though, as Vuster was put under the experiment of the believed god-gene which made him powerful, but his master decided to use Vuster to conquer all Rp universes. Lauren and her characters, along with some of Pyro's characters and deadpool, went against him in an attempt to stop him. Rinoa was at first angry on Pyro for having changed vuster in a mindless warrior, but once knowing he had made him into a stu, she grew furious and became Devil-Sorceress Rinoa. A fight Ensued between the two lovers not really knowing they were fighting each other. Eventually Frank got into the fight but Vuster drained his gene into him. After coming to his senses, The user took control of GodVuster and stored the God-gene into a sphere. He was reunited with Rinoa yet again as the Sorceress did not remember anything that had happened.

Lijes The Naga (OC) Edit

soluster's third addition. He's a rather odd character among many, yet very unique among others. As the title says, Lijes is a green scaled naga, so he's able to eat other human beings. He prefers to eat women though as they are tastier. However, he tends to have bad luck in eating other people's female characters as they are either underaged (Lijes will only eat women of 18 and older) or are just to strong for him. The user tends to be nice and creates a nameless female for him to eat. Lijes has recently gotten the respawn bag, which makes the killed victim be revived through said bag. the new item hasn't given him any luck as the females are still reluctant to be eaten even if they are revived.

He's still welcomed around the other user's character's though and is treated like a normal OC.

X-hog The Dragonhog (Fancharacter) Edit

The difference between OCs and Fanchars is that while OC are completely original characters that can freely move on their own in the RP universes, Fancharacters are orginal beings that the user uses to represent himself in certain RP universe. X-hog was Solar's first Fancharacter, using him first in a Sonic Rp thread and in his deviantart account. At first X-hog creation was carefully planned before hand, at first simply being a blue recolor of Hyper sonic, after an addition of dragon wings and tails, recolor his shoes and change in face (Along with with a competent personality) he was made unique enough to not be a Stu.

X-hog had control over fire and elements closed to it, he could become lava and control fireballs to his liking. However, the user deicided to change that when he gave him the thunder badge. He now controls the element of thunder under his very hand and mind.

During the time the user fell possesed by an evil parasites, X-hog and the other three Fancharacters ran into hiding.After getting some help from another Rper, they tried to bring the user to his senses, only to be punished through mental vibrations.

Blake The Chao (Fancharacter) Edit

Solar's second Fancharacter, used in his Youtube account. Blake is a unique sonic chao and X-hog's best friend as they fight side by side against wathever evil force appears in whatever Rp the user puts them in.

Blake has the power to control water and become water himself. His ardeous training has made him reach enough power for him to to as far as steamed air.

When Solar was affected with an evil parasite that made his thoughts twisted. He went into hiding with he other fancharacters. Once trying to face the user, they we're punished through metal vibration

Nixos The Hedgehog (Fancharacter) Edit

Originally Nixos the Nobody, during a time of upgrade Frank changed Nixos bio and turned into a normal hedgehog. Nixos is mainly used in Mythology/Fantasy/Superheroes-related forums. He is the quiet man of the group. Cold and calculative, Nixos doesn't really fond with many people as he doesn't want them to get in his way. He barely speaks, if at all, and would usually only say one word related to the whole topic.

Nixos has the power of teleportation through a device on his chest area. He also has a special shooter in his arms that he calls Thanoki (Although everyone recalls they are just powered Shurikens), each Thanoki has a different power such as fire, thunder, ice, sleep, slow, poison etc.

When the user fell victim to the parasite, Nixos went into hiding along with the other Fancharacters. When faced with the user and trying to bring him to his senses, he was punished through Mental Vibrations.

Mechanic-X (Fancharacter) Edit

Solar's fourth Fancharacter. Used in Technology/Transformers/Bionicle-related forums. Mechanic-X was created for the original purpose of being an Ultrabot (a fandom term related to Autobot) but eventually became his own allegiance. Although he's a machine, Mech has a special spark which mostly drives him through emotion. He could be easily decieved if it wasn't for the heavy artillery he's equipped with. Mech has gone through many changes as the user gives him different bodies everytime. From G1-style body, to a movie styled frame, to even a Sonic riders six-changer.

He went in hiding whenthe user was taken by a parasite which twisted his mind. When facing the user, he was punished through mental vibrations

The Werehog Edit

Believed to be Solar's first official character, but there's a enigma with this one. While he was in a game, he was called "Sonic" the Werehog. This one is only called the Werehog and seems to have no memories of Sonic unleashed whatsoever. Some assume he's official, but as he has no name, Only "The werehog" that can't be specified. He does have all the powers and abilities as he did in SU, but having stayed as a Werehog for a longer amount of time, he's created his own semi-sadistic personality (another facto that he might be an OC)

In the second twipocalipse RP, he was made into more of an animal as he couldn't even speak right words, Instead he wrote them on the ground with bad grammar, mostly affectionate to his friends like a normal dog would be.

He hid with the Official character in warehouse when the user was possesed by the parasite, after raiding the user's twisted tower, he reached the top floor and saw the big three-way fight between Frank,Vuster and Rinoa.

Skids and Mudflap Edit

The autobot twins from Transformers: revenge of the fallen. They are Solar's favorite characters (although he prefers Skids over Mudflap) got a problem with that?

  • Skid: The smart one of the twins, he becomes a green chevy. He (along with his brother) is the robot personification of "White boys trying to be Black". Recently he's become keyblade user (to give him to revelance) but he was captured by the Dahaka into some limbo prision
  • Mudflap: the hyperactive one of the twins, usually starting their "Brother Bonding" time whenever they argue. Due to some of his misconceptions, some people think they are racist autobots, when they simply just "White boys trying to be Black" (Mudflap more than Skids)

Vectorman Edit

An Orbot from the year 27XX. He only appeared in two games that shared his name in the title, after that he was gone from existence. Until one day the user found him and reactivated the Orbot, giving him a much needed personality. Vectorman tends to be the focused bot of the group, but he may sometimes loose his cool on small things. He's made of special sphere which can strech and bend to his liking and make different shapes. So far he has:

  • The VecorCopter
  • The VectorRhino
  • The VectorPuncher
  • The VectorSkater
  • The VectorTank
  • and The VectorDriller


Pingu is a small clay-made penguin that lives in the antartic. He's very energetic and somewhat clumsy (much to his parents dismay). He speak Penguinese, which no human character knows, so The mechas usually translate his language. He's good friends with Wall-E as they are the only Non-threatening characters under Solar's control. He's a very recent addition, so he hasn't done much lately

In Kingdom heart: Champions of hearts Rp, he fell into a dark portal through his toybox, which got him in agrabah as he faced the Dahaka, he was put in prision but was released by deadpool. He's now in twilight town

Wall-E Edit

An innocent little robot. Extremely curious but is sometimes scared. However, he will do anything to protect his girlfriend EVE (Even though EVE is far more upgraded than Wall-E). Wall-E has a laser in-between his optics, although he doesn't use them much. He's best friends with Pingu as they are both the less threatening characters. He's a recent addition so he doesn't do much. The user Rinoa Heartily decided to put EVE in her rooster when seeing Solar putting in Wall-E

Brawl Fighters Edit

Pyro controls a couple of Brawl characters that he may use in the Cafe RP. Such are:

Pit - The angel from uh.....Wherever he hails from. He tends to get mocked into being gay

Pikachu - The Eletric mouse from the pokemon series. What? The user likes Pikachus

Kirby -  The pink startwarrior, he loves to eat

Conker the Squirrel  Edit

Recently added to his rooster of character. Conker isn't that much pleasant in living in a universe of PG-13 rated Rps and such, but at least it got him away from his so called land. If there's ever a need to do something adult-ish though. He's more than willing to do it.

Teridax Edit

The evil lord of the shadows from the Bionicle universe. He control the powers of darkness, able to even make people have fears, anger, and doubt. For a while he was part of the syndicated of villains bent on ruling the universe, but they were stopped.

The Autobots Edit

Ironhide - The weapon specialist, with more guns than a small third world country. He'll defend the autbot cause using as many guns and weapons as he needs

Sideswipe - Expert in melee combat, with retractable swords on his arms and wheel legs, he is the swift one of the group

Ratchet - The medical officer, Ratchet does his best to heal and cure his fellow comrades.

Jolt -  The silent warrior. Usually Ratchet's aider, with his two electro-whips he can help during operations, maintaining the electricity, or giving punishment to the decepticons

Devastator Edit

The main bulk of the user's Rooster. Devastator is more heavily armed than Ironhide, he can destroy entire cities with his bare fist. Yes, this is the Devastator from the movieverse, but he has been reinforced with extra defense system and even more weaponry. He may be slow and dumb, but he is the most feared one, especially when under Frank's command.

The Chaotix Edit

Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee and Vector the Crocodile. They have been recently added, so not much info about them yet

Shadow the hedgehog Edit

Recently added, cuz the user likes Shadow

The Glatorian defence force Edit

No-one you guys know :P

Frank (The user) Edit

The guy who controls all the characters. At first he was seen on the Beach Rp looking for gold. then started looking for gold in other places. Suddenly he found a weird parasite which latched onto him and edged him to get revenge on everyone by creating the god-gene. He injected into vuster and started to use his powers to control the other universes. Lauren faced him and convinced him to turn back, her works got to Frank's mind and made him throw up the evil parasite. He then used he powers for good again.

Unfortunately, he was gunned down by a forgotten fancharacter as he was found with many cuts and bruises. His friend Lauren along with Mila and Brandon drove him to the hospital, but not before being persecuted by some bitter fancharacter forgotten by Frank. It was eventually noticed that he was E-volving. He went thorugh some changes which made him be in a fire egg. he then finally evolve into a higher being as he gained new abilities. However Brandon gave him a pill which would supress him to learn any more abilities. He now speak in a more eloquent calm manner, like Dr manhanttan without the blue radioactive bald naked body