Rinoa Heartilly is a member on /ts/. You can find her in the roleplaying area of the forum, in the Youtube area, the Vent station, or the spam thread. Actually, don't bother looking for her. She likes to be evasive.

She joined the Mmm cult for a while and was known as Rinoa (Mmm Tang), although she's recently changed her name to Rinoa (eToda fan). Name may change again, until she's satisfied with it. Don't hold your breath, folks.

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Updated: Rinoa Heartilly has since left the building site. Looking for her will do you no good.Edit


Originally starting out as Nanalove17 (the name taken from Westerfeld's Extras), Lauren was a lurker for a while, but decided to join the fun by playing one of her favorite characters, despite having never played the video game. She keeps adding new characters to play.

Rinoa HeartillyEdit


When Rinoa gets like this, expect plenty of destruction...and pain.

First character (It was either her or Tifa Lockhart; Rinoa won). After losing control of her Sorceress powers and killing her boyfriend Squall, Rinoa left her own world and was picked up by Lauren, then brought to the RP area. Her boyfriend, Vuster, died in a battle against Twitards, so she was single for a while. After searching for a way to bring him back and succeeding in her mission, Rinoa and Vuster were reunited. When Vuster became a mindless warrior Stu for his master, Rinoa lost control of herself and turned into the Devil-Sorceress (see next paragraph). The two fought in a heated battle, but both returned back to normal.

The Devil Sorceress: Rinoa's cruel and homicidal alter-ego, who only seeks destruction and the deaths of others. When Michael, a fellow puppetmaster, pissed Rinoa off by frightening Rikku, Rinoa was ready to kick him out of her home. Sadly, she didn't have enough power to kick him out, so one of Michael's puppets Nero gave her a power boost, a Devil-Star. Rinoa was wary at first, but she still consumed it, and that's how the Devil-Sorceress came to be. She is currently sealed away, deep inside of Rinoa, plotting revenge against Lauren (who sealed her away twice already), Vuster, and anyone else who pisses her off. Rinoa has no idea of anything that happens while the Devil-Sorceress is in control. This alter-ego has no name yet, only going by the identity, "Devil-Rinoa. "Waldo

Warning: Don't piss Rinoa off. It'll probably be the last thing you do. Take it from Michael, who's been on the receiving end of her anger many times.


The 15 year-old Al Bhed herself. She constantly switches from speaking English to Al Bhed, especially when she makes comments that she doesn't want other people to understand, though this is rendered obsolete when people decide to make characters that suddenly know how to speak Al Bhed. Rikku is the girlfriend of Schrodinger, a boy with a German accent and cat ears, and the feelings are mutual. She's still afraid of lightning and thunder.

Marlene WallaceEdit

Marlene is a sweet six year old girl who thinks that vampires shouldn't sparkle (There's hope for the future!). She used to live with Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife at the Seventh Heaven, but she now stays with all of Lauren's characters in their new house. She gets nervous when the subject of werewolves is brought up, due to the fact that a teenage werewolf named Brandon imprinted on her not too long ago. Thankfully, said werewolf was killed by Wolverine before anything else could happen. With the help of another imprintee, 10 year-old Parvati, Marlene's fear is slowly disappearing.

Mila Shiraki (OC)Edit

A twenty-three year old woman with expert marksmanship and a love of alcohol (especially whiskey) and weapons (usually referred to as "toys"), Mila is the best friend of Rinoa Heartilly. She has made it clear that she'll hurt/torture anyone who pisses her off. Her favorite weapons are crowbars and pistols. Oh, and she's also fluent in Al Bhed, meaning that she's usually the only one who gets what Rikku is talking about, but, like before, more people who understand Al Bhed render this obsolete. Mila is cold and distrusting, but lately she's been a little more tolerant of the idiocy and craziness around her.

She recently quit her job as a contract killer, and is now looking for a new job.

Mila is currently romantically involved with Wolverine (and that's impressive, considering the fact that she's never shown any interest in dating anyone before this).

She has finally found her long lost daughter, Aki, who was taken away from her a long time ago.

Mila went on a long vacation with Aki, wanting to get away from the craziness and spend time with her daughter. She's back, but has lost sight in her right eye, and is slowly losing sight in her left eye. This can only be cured by her puppetmaster Lauren, who's disappeared.


Aerith is a seventeen year-old girl from the slums of Midgar. She sometimes sells flowers to people and enjoys cooking and making drinks. Her cooking and baked goods are safe to eat, just don't take her drinks. (She adds salt to lemonade and milk to soda. Water is untouched, though). She's currently dating some guy named Casey Jones, although she secretly thinks that he's being a little too fast, since he barely met her before asking her out, even though he had a fiancee in his previous world.

Barret WallaceEdit

After receiving a call about his adopted daughter Marlene being imprinted on, Barret rushed over to find his daughter and has since then refused to be away from Marlene for very long. Don't make him mad, unless you want to be on the receiving end of his Gun-Arm. Pedowulves, beware.

New warning for Pedowulves: Barret is also best friends with Wolverine. One blow of a dog whistle and the next pedowulf to try anything stupid will be grated to pedowulf bits before they can even look up.


The Melodious Nocturne himself is the newest character on the list. He usually spends his time playing his sitar or silently watching everyone else around him. Has recently been turned into a sparklepire by Ed Elric after becoming his "snack." Poor guy...He doesn't seem too upset, though.

Frimelda Lotice (ex-zombie) Edit

From Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Once a famous blademaster in her world, Frimelda travelled with her lover, Luc Sardac. However, his jealousy of her skill with the sword caused him to poison her. Unfortunately, the poison didn't kill her, but turned her into a zombie instead. She slowly forgot everything except her surname and the man she loved, until Clan Gully helped find out the truth and the cure to restore her. She now lives with Lauren's other characters.

Illua the Nightshade Edit

Same deal with Frimelda, but Illua is the antagonist of the same game. Little is known about her, except for the fact that she was part of a powerful crime syndicate known as Khamja. Illua is also the one who found Aki and brought her back to Mila, but don't think it's an act of kindness. She only did it because Lauren ordered her to do it.

Aki Edit

Mila's 13 year-old daughter. She was taken away from her mother a long time ago, but after much searching, is finally reunited with her. She now lives with Mila and everyone else. Aki also dislikes being away from her mother for very long, so wherever Mila goes, Aki is bound to follow. It should be noted that Aki has an extreme fear of zombies, especially Nd4's OC, Sam Fires.

She and her mother went on a vacation, having some mother/daughter bonding time, and returned later. During their vacation, the two got into some trouble, which ended with Mila slowly losing her sight.

Machi Edit

Yuki's girlfriend, she's afraid of perfection and is usually seen in a messy environment. She was accused once of attempting to murder her baby brother and was outcasted from the entire family. No one really cared for her from then on, but it was Yuki, who had known such treatment himself, who had came into Machi's life and helped open her heart.

EVE Edit

The female search probe from Wall-E, who was brought to the forum by Rikku and Lauren after seeing pyrovuster's Wall-E.

Fai D. Flowright Edit

Just arrived in Lauren's home. Will put more info on him later.


Lauren is the girl who roleplays as those listed above. She is a shapeshifter and magic-user (However, she's recently traded her power of shape-shifting for teleportation), and she is usually seen carrying a bag. Said bag contains a lot more than it should, but hey, that's magic for you. Also likes to write in her notebook. Lauren does not like sparklepires, since one pissed her off (and received a nice beating from her) before he admitted to her characters and friends that he liked her. He ended up dead less than an hour after that. Actually, she's never liked sparklepires or pedowolves even before that happened.