The /ts/ Forum Switch Edit

After nearly a year of the /ts/ forums on proboards, on May 1, 2009, Mars brought up the question of whether or not /ts/ should move the forums to the main site. With overwhelming support (290 to 165 votes) to move, it was decided /ts/ should move.

The Pros and Cons Edit

On May 1, 2009, Mars brought up a poll, asking whether or not /ts/ should move. She cited advantages and disadvantages, which are listed here:

Advantages Edit

  • Post counts can easily be restored on the new forums by request.
  • Certain copy+paste-able topics can be posted on the new forums.
  • More control over the forums with admin powers, design, ads, (no rules to abide by since we won't be under proboards thumb)
  • No fear of being deleted without cause or shut down
  • If Mars did this, she'd most likely do a slight facelift to the overall site and be more productive with it. (blogs, content, merch)
  • Fresh start?
  • Less lag/down time
  • The proboards forum (which will become the 'archives') will not be deleted by proboards if this forum goes dorment, thus all topics made up to this point will be saved! No fear of waking up one morning and LOSING EVERYTHING SO THAT NO SUBBOARDS, TOPICS, POST COUNTS, ETC. CAN BE RESTORED....EVOR!!!

Disadvantages Edit

  • We won't have any of the old topics, even the awesome ones (however as long as proboards never deletes this forum, they will be archived here forever, we will not purposely delete the forum)
  • You have to re-register, you lose your stats...but like Mars said in the PROS by request we can easily restore your post count (but we can't make it actually link to the old posts)
  • We basically start over from 0 topics, to 0 members.
  • ?

The Announcement Edit

On May 20, 2009, sometime after the poll was locked, Zax announced that /ts/ would indeed be moving. A mass email was sent out to /ts/ members, informing them of this, shown here:

(This is for those who aren't normally on during the week, or who might be away on vacation or something during the move. If you've already read the announcement, feel free to delete.)
We's gonna move! is the link to the new forum.
You will need to re-register, but that takes maybe ten seconds, depending on your typing speed.
Club owners will need to contact staff on the new forum to let us know who you are and which club is yours so we can give you control of your new clubhouse.
While some very basic things have been copypasta'd, it is up to you, our members, to move anything you want to keep on the new forum.
To make the move easier, it won't be everything at once. Instead, this forum will only be gradually closed off to posting (but left available for viewing) so y'all have a chance to wrap things up or otherwise converse amongst yourselves of what part of the topics you're discussing that you want to transfer.
I've already set up a topic Waldofor those who want their post count to be transferred. All you gotta do is post a link to your profile on this forum (the one gained by clicking on your name next to your post, not the one by clicking on "Profile" in the menu bar).
Try to keep this neat and tidy, m'kay?
(Also, if anyone's good at CSS and knows how to code skins for YABB, you're more than welcome to submit skins for us to include. ..probably the petition area might be a good place for that, until we figure out a better way to submit 'em. >.> )

Forced back to the old forums! Edit

Due to a big misunderstanding between Mars and GoDaddy servers, the forums were forced to close down for a while. The /ts/ members freaked out without bothering to look at the home site, until Mars assured/others screamed or told them that it was a simple check-up. But one complication lead to another (Read The Big Crash), and Mars decided to just move to a new host to avoid all the damn drama.

Several days later, Mars blanked the main site (again) with a placeholder, and started anew with another forum, promising a free 1000 posts for people who were on the YaBB forum before it crashed. It is currently going strong with 1300 members and counting.

That forum is now deleted, and we are back to proboards.