When RPer Stormy became a vampire, all of the food she cooked gained magical abilities. One such example is the cookie, which gained infamy in a certain roleplayer's constant attempts to turn Rorschach into a girl. That's right; the effect of the cookie is to change a roleplayer's gender. You just lost The Game.

The cookies are roleplayer Kalina's (and her split-soul persona, Kale) main weapon, aside from god powers. They're mainly used for infinite lulz in the above mentioned turning Rorschach into a girl, which he is never happy about. Other notable victims of the cookie are:

  • Jack, roleplayer of Rorschach
  • Schrodinger
  • Stormy, creator of the cookie
  • Mina Murray
  • Prussia, a character who was unfortunate enough to admit to picking on Poland within Kalina's earshot
  • Kalina herself - or, rather half of Kalina's soul, now known as 'Kale'
  • Mmm Cookies, who ate a cookie meant for Rorschach. Cookies has since had an antidote cookie and is no longer a smexi d00d. The cost was an initiation to teh Mmm_ Cult.

Why Stormy hasn't cut off Kalina's cookie supply, the world will never know - and likely often thank her for. The lulz provided are sweet. Disregard that. Stormy has made the decision to cut Kalina off! However, there is a high chance that she may be able to turn Rorschach into a girl one last time before this happens. Perhaps the lulz isn't quite over yet!