Along with Fangirls, there are many different types of Antis. A copypasta from Blonde Gaurdians thread on the ProBoards and reposted by SGR soon after the move from the old boards to the new ones. The thread in case you were interested enough to find out what everyone is.

Various Different Categories of AntisEdit

The Outsider
"What's the big deal, anyway?"
The lightest sort of anti. Probably hasn't even read Twilight, but are just wondering how the hell it got so popular. These are the antis that fangirls try to convert, and they do so with gusto, before realizing that the conversion attempts are probably what made the Outsider go anti in the first place.

Mr. Peanut Gallery
"Sparkly vampires ARE GAY!"
Mr. Peanut Gallery probably hasn't read the books either, but that doesn't stop her from making fun of them. Another one of the light antis, who's only chosen such a path just to be subversive. Makes fun of Edward a lot, as well as his fangirls. But don't expect Mr. Peanut Gallery to read the books, or come up with anything that's actually observant. This is usually the first person that comes to mind when a Twilight fan thinks of an anti.

The Prehistoric
"I thought it'd never catch on!"
The Prehistoric Anti read Twilight way back when - before the whole craze started, before Facebook was flooded with Cullen-related Pieces of Flair. They realized that Twilight was immature and mediocre at best upon first reading it, and might not have even made it through the whole book. They probably forgot about it, too, until it became popular. That's when they changed their mild disappointment to utter contempt.

Classic Anti
"The writing is juvenile, the characters undeveloped, and its 'logic' makes no sense whatsoever!"
Praise the Classic Anti; she actually paid attention in English class! Dislikes Twilight because she refuses to accept it as 'literature.' Knows a thing or two about writing, and is probably in the process of writing something of her own. Is glad to recommend vampire books that are actually good. One of the most common varieties of anti.

Modern Crusader
"Why are such horrible values being taught to young girls?"
Your average Modern Crusader may or may not overlap with any of the other types. She dislikes Twilight because it promotes abuse, is anti-feminist, glorifies suicide, and pretty much everything else you may have heard in a typical Anti rant. One of the more vocal antis, and quick to come up with a rant of her own to educate people about just how unhealthy Twilight is.

Converted Fan
"I can't believe I used to like this garbage."
The Converted Fan is obviously a former fan of Twilight. She most likely converted after the disaster that was Breaking Dawn caused disillusion in her, making her examine the entire series under greater scrutiny. If not Breaking Dawn, then the movie did it for her, or maybe she was converted by a particularly charismatic anti.

Lulz Warrior
"More like Breaking CANON, amirite?"
The Lulz Warrior is actually glad that Twilight is as popular as it is. After all, how much fun would it be to troll fans of something obscure? They've read the books, and were laughing all the way through them, possibly making their own edits. These guys find their home on the internet, posting parodies and confabulating with their fellow Lulz Warriors before running off to seek their next target. Are often veterans of the internet, and are great to take down rabid fangirls with.

Rabid Anti
"Twilight fans are so dumb! I can't believe they're allowed to live!"
You read a Rabid Anti's posts, and wonder "Where have I heard this before?" Why, you've heard the exact same words from the mouths of fans, only this time it's flipped to be against Twilight. These hypocrites have no idea what we're fighting for, and are ultimately dangerous to the cause. Dispose of them.

Chagrined Gods
No quote avaliable. Lawl.Waldo
The "big names" of antis. Other antis flock around the Chagrined Gods for guidance and such. They sometimes start up whole anti projects, such as mass infiltrations of Twilight forums. Their rants and videos have drawn much infamy on the internet, and are often used to convert Twilight fans into antis.

Team Player
"Why read Twilight when you could read <insert favorite book here>?"These people dislike Twilight because of the Twihards going against their fandom. Harry Potter fans usually end up as Team Players, but fans of Stephen King and various vampire books usually fall into this category as well. This group is purely reactionary, but it doesn't mean that they aren't valuable. They can be annoying at times by constantly squealing "ZOMG HARRY POTTER COULD KICK EDWARD'S ASS!!!1!!!!11", however.